SECTION 610:25-21-4. Principles for awards, continuation of awards, disbursements, refunds, and applications  

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  • (a)   Award amounts.
    (1)   Scholarship awards will be made annually. Awards will be made after the campus financial aid package has been calculated (grants and scholarships and excluding loans) and in coordination with other disaster relief financial aid. Awards will be made up to an amount not exceeding the cost (fees and tuition, special fees, books, room and board) of five continuous years of postsecondary education at any accredited college or university of an individual's choosing.
    (2)   The award amount shall not exceed the average cost of enrollment fees, tuition and other fees, room and board, and all required textbooks or materials for the type of institution in which the student is enrolled in The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education. The award amount for a student enrolled in a private or out-of-state institution shall not exceed the award for an Oklahoma public institution of comparable type.
    (b)   Award continuation. Continued awards will be made to individuals who are making satisfactory progress toward a degree as defined by the financial aid office of the institution in which the student is enrolled.
    (c)   Disbursement. Funds may be disbursed by check to the institution at which the student is enrolled during the first six weeks of each semester and upon receipt of a net billing from the bursar of the institution. Funds may also be disbursed to the entity responsible for coordinating the payment of scholarships from all available sources. The State Regents shall verify documentation for scholarship disbursements to the coordinating entity in a similar manner to that required for disbursements directly to institutions.
    (d)   Refunds. Refunds resulting from student withdrawal will be remitted to the State Regents.
    (e)   Application.
    (1)   Before April 19, 1996, the State Regents will make every effort to contact guardians of all dependent children eligible for the Heartland Scholarship.
    (2)   Guardians and eligible recipients will be responsible for timely notification to the State Regents of address changes.
[Source: Added at 12 Ok Reg 3588, eff 7-14-95 (emergency); Added at 13 Ok Reg 3077, eff 7-11-96; Amended at 19 Ok Reg 1502, eff 5-28-02]