SECTION 610:25-27-6. Participant eligibility for benefits of the TSEIP  

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  •   In order to qualify to receive disbursement benefits under the TSEIP, the Participant must have:
    (1)   Obtained an initial teaching license and then a certificate and provided eligible full-time teaching service under a regular teaching contract at an Oklahoma public school:
    (A)   at the secondary level,
    (B)   for five (5) consecutive school years,
    (C)   in the mathematics or science subject areas.
    (2)   Completed the five years of teaching, as required, with not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the teaching assignment meeting the criteria set forth in paragraph (1) herein.
    (3)   Completed the first full year of eligible full-time teaching service, as described above, within twenty-five (25) months from the date of graduation from a four-year institution in Oklahoma.
    (4)   Notwithstanding the provisions of this subparagraph, Participants may apply to the employing school for a leave of absence when a serious illness, pregnancy or other natural cause prevents the Participant from continuing the coursework requirements or from providing consecutive full-time teaching service.
    (A)   Leaves of absence may not exceed more than one academic year and will not be included for the purpose of calculating the consecutive five (5) years of teaching service.
    (B)   Participants must present official school documentation to the OSRHE that a leave of absence was granted which meets the provisions of these rules. Official notification must be given within one year that the teacher has resumed the teaching duties or Participant may be withdrawn from the program.
    (5)   A Reduction in Force will not eliminate a Participant from fulfilling the consecutive five-year obligation if the following provisions are met:
    (A)   Participant must provide to the OSRHE official documentation of the Reduction in Force.
    (B)   Participant must resume teaching mathematics or science at the secondary level at an Oklahoma public school within eighteen (18) months after the Reduction in Force.
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