SECTION 610:25-33-4. Eligibility Requirements  

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  • (a)   Applicants shall be Oklahoma residents.
    (b)   Applicants must meet one of the following criteria defined below:
    (1)   An ACT qualified student, which shall mean a student whose ACT composite score is at least 30 and whose grade point average and class rank are exceptional, as determined by the institution;
    (2)   A National Merit Semifinalist or Commended Student, which shall mean a student designated as a National Merit Semifinalist or National Merit Commended Student by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation;
    (c)   Only ACT test scores reported on an official test report issued by ACT will be considered for admission to the program. Scores from ACT residual tests will not be considered.
[Source: Added at 21 Ok Reg 1433, eff 5-27-04; Amended at 34 Ok Reg 1990, eff 9-11-17]