SECTION 610:25-9-1. Program purpose  

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  • (a)   Senate Bill No. 228 of the 1986 Oklahoma Legislature authorized the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education…to establish and maintain an incentive scholarship program to encourage the preparation of teachers in critical shortage areas for the public schools at one or more of the Oklahoma public or private higher education instituitions. Prospective teachers, whether planning to pursue an undergraduate teacher education program or to become qualified to teach after earning a bachelor's degree in a critical shortage area, shall be considered if they have graduated from high school with a grade point average ranking them in the top fifteen percent (15%) of their graduating class. To the extent that funds are available, scholarships of One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) per year, renewable for up to three (3) additional years, shall be awarded to cover costs of general enrollment fees, other fees, books, materials, and services provided by the institution, including room and board. [70:698.1]
    (b)   The purpose of the Future Teachers' Scholarship Program is to address teacher shortages in critical areas of the public schools in Oklahoma by making scholarships available to undergraduate and graduate students who meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate an interest in teaching in those fields.
[Source: Amended at 10 Ok Reg 4045, eff 6-16-93 (emergency); Amended at 11 Ok Reg 1891, eff 5-12-94]