SECTION 650:1-1-2. Oklahoma preferences  

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  •   OCAST shall require as a condition to any form of financial or other assistance authorized by the Act that any patent; license; copyright; goods; services; other outcomes resulting from activities benefiting from OCAST assistance and appropriate for commercial application; or proprietary processes or other outcomes of research that result in a commercial application shall be developed or produced by an Oklahoma-based firm; or that a legitimate effort shall be made to apply such outcomes in a manner that has a reasonable potential to create or enhance employment or other factors contributing to economic growth within Oklahoma. [74 O.S., Section 5060. 10]
[Source: Amended at 19 Ok Reg 3074, eff 9-9-02 through 7-14-03 (emergency); Amended at 20 Ok Reg 2727, eff 8-11-03]


EDITOR’S NOTE: This emergency action expired before being superseded by a permanent action. Upon expiration of an emergency amendatory action, the last prior permanent text is reinstated. Therefore, on 7-15-03 (after the 7-14-03 expiration of the emergency action), the text of Section 650:1-1-2 reverted back to the permanent text that was effective prior to enactment of the emergency action on 9-9-02, as was last published in the 2001 Edition of the OAC, and remained as such until amended by permanent action on 8-11-03.