SECTION 650:1-3-2. Procedures for adoption, amendment and repeal of rules  

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  • (a)   The Board. The Board may adopt, amend or repeal a rule of its own initiative, and may adopt, amend or repeal a rule at the request or recommendation of the Executive Director or one of its duly appointed advisory committees. The Board may, of its own motion, conduct hearings on proposed new rules, amendments or repeal of rules.
    (b)   Interested parties. Any interested person may petition the Board, requesting the adoption, amendment, or repeal of a rule. All such petitions shall be in writing, and be filed with the Chair of the Board at the principal office. The petition shall include the name and address of the petitioning party and shall state clearly and concisely all matters pertaining to the requested action and the reasons for the request.
    (c)   Hearings. The time and location of hearings shall be stated in the notice as required under the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act and shall be conducted in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act. Any person who is interested or affected by proposed actions may appear at the hearing. An appearance may be made individually, by an attorney, or by an authorized agent.
    (d)   Final action(s). Prior to the adoption, amendment or repeal of a rule, the Board shall afford any interested Person a reasonable opportunity to submit data, views and arguments either oral or written. If the rule under consideration affects the substantive rights of any person, the Board shall grant any person or entity a reasonable opportunity to participate in an oral hearing if requested in writing by the person or entity. The Board shall, in the exercise of its sound discretion, determine whether the proposed action affects any such substantive rights. The Board shall inform the requesting person(s) of its decision in writing. Should the Board find the immediate adoption of a rule is necessary, the Board shall initiate rule promulgation procedures pursuant to the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act.
[Source: Amended at 19 Ok Reg 3074, eff 9-9-02 through 7-14-03 (emergency); Amended at 20 Ok Reg 2727, eff 8-11-03]


EDITOR’S NOTE: This emergency action expired before being superseded by a permanent action. Upon expiration of an emergency amendatory action, the last prior permanent text is reinstated. Therefore, on 7-15-03 (after the 7-14-03 expiration of the emergency action), the text of Section 650:1-3-2 reverted back to the permanent text that was effective prior to enactment of the emergency action on 9-9-02, as was last published in the 2001 Edition of the OAC, and remained as such until amended by permanent action on 8-11-03.