SECTION 730:35-1-4. Maintenance responsibilities  

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  • (a)   The Department shall pay the cost or perform the act of constructing, improving, or maintaining roads, including frontage roads, public roads, local roads, and interchange ramps or any sections thereof, which have been designated by the Transportation Commission as part of the state highway system.
    (b)   The Department shall pay the cost of maintaining all official traffic signs and pavement markings except for parking space markings, crosswalks, and stop lines, from right-of-way line to right-of-way line.
    (c)   Within a municipality, the Department shall maintain the roadway pavement and pavement structure only. The department may pay the cost of construction or reconstruction of drainage systems, curbs, sidewalks, and driveways when necessary to construct or reconstruct an existing highway within a municipality. The Department shall not perform maintenance on or pay the cost of accident or spill clean up, sweeping, mowing the right-of-way, drainage systems, and facilities including inlets, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, electronic traffic control devices or highway system lights.
    (d)   The Department may participate in the cost of construction or replacement of highway lighting systems and electronic traffic control devices on highways within municipal limits.
    (e)   At places where city streets or county roads intersect with the state highway system, the city or county shall be responsible for maintaining all advance warning signs and for roadside maintenance activities outside the highway right-of-way line including sight distance clearance on the city street or county road leading to the stop intersection.
[Source: Amended at 17 Ok Reg 1384, eff 5-11-00]