SECTION 730:35-13-2. Criteria and limitations for traffic generator signs  

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  • (a)   Before a sign for a traffic generator is installed, sufficient space should exist to accommodate the placement of the sign without interfering or conflicting with required signing. Supplemental guide signs for traffic generators should not be installed at freeway-to-freeway interchanges.
    (1)   Not more than one supplemental guide sign should be provided in each direction along any freeway. Signs for a traffic generator shall be located in advance of the intersecting road that provides the shortest and most direct route to the facility.
    (2)   Under exceptional circumstances, when the prime criteria shown in Appendix D of this Chapter is exceeded by at least 50 percent, consideration may be given to displaying the information at a second freeway exit. This must be documented and justified by a traffic engineering study.
    (3)   Supplemental guide signs shall not be erected for a traffic generator that would require a motorist to travel on the intersecting road beyond a second freeway.
    (4)   Signing for a seasonal generator or an event may be displayed when warranted. When located within five (5) miles of the interchange, and when the Transportation Department determines it is justified to sign for seasonal events or specific events at auditoriums, convention halls, arenas, stadiums, and fairgrounds, supplemental guide signs may be erected. Such signing shall be removed at the end of the season or event.
    (5)   Only two traffic generators may be displayed on a single, permanent or seasonal supplemental guide sign. When more than two traffic generators meet the signing criteria, generators having the greatest demand for signing should be shown.
    (6)   Signing for a traffic generator should not be displayed on a supplemental guide sign until signing has been installed at the ramp terminals and trailblazing signing installed along the intersecting road leading to the generator. Trailblazer signs off the state highway system shall be erected and maintained by local governments and shall conform to the "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices." Trailblazer signing that is not properly installed or maintained shall be justification for removal of the advance guide signs on the freeway system.
    (b)   Signs for a traffic generator may be erected on a freeway or expressway when all of the criteria specified in Appendix D of this Chapter are met for the particular generator.
[Source: Amended at 17 Ok Reg 1384, eff 5-11-00]