SECTION 731:10-1-4. Proposals; right to suspend or debar from bidding  

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  • (a)   All proposal blanks will be obtained from the offices of the Authority's design engineer for the particular project whose address may be obtained from the Authority at the Authority's general administrative offices.
    (b)   Proposal blanks will be stamped with the name of the contractor and the date of issue and no other proposal blanks will be accepted. The fee for each proposal shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00), which fee is non-refundable.
    (c)   No proposal for public construction projects advertised for bids by the Authority will be issued to any contractor within 24 hours of the bid opening for any contract.
    (d)   Right to Suspend or Debar. The Authority reserves the right to suspend or debar, under the provisions of this Rule, any contractor, affiliate of a contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, or any director, officer, agent or employee, of any such entity from bidding or participating in public construction contracts awarded by the Authority based upon (1) proof of a bidding crime (as hereinafter defined), (2) unsatisfactory performance of project work, or (3) other act or omission as set forth in this Rule.
[Source: Added at 17 Ok Reg 1713, eff 5-25-00]