SECTION 75:20-1-11. Public schools  

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  • (a)   At the time of enrollment, a student participating in the ACP shall go to the school's administrative office for assistance and present the student's authorization card.
    (b)   The school shall contact the ACP Program Manager and request verification of enrollment eligibility.
    (c)   Eligibility for enrollment will be determined using the residence address shown in the participant's records.
    (d)   The ACP will notify the school of its findings both verbally and in writing.
    (e)   If questions are raised regarding the student's eligibility, the ACP Program Manager will work directly with the school superintendent or the superintendent's designee to resolve the matter.
    (f)   All school correspondence mailed to the student and/or the student's parent or guardian shall be sent to the substitute address.
    (g)   Requests for the transfer of a student's records from one school to another shall be handled by the ACP Program Manager upon written authorization from the parent or guardian.
[Source: Transferred from 655:30-1-11 by HB 2638 (2008), eff 7-1-08 (Editor’s Notice published at 25 Ok Reg 2607); Amended at 28 Ok Reg 1921, eff 7-11-11; Amended at 33 Ok Reg 1215, eff 9-11-16]