SECTION 75:20-1-12. Voter registration  

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  • (a)   An ACP participant who is otherwise qualified to vote may register to vote as an ACP participant voter through the State Election Board. [OAC 230:15-5-83.1]
    (b)   ACP participants who become registered as ACP participant voters may vote only by absentee ballot. ACP participant voters will receive absentee ballots by mail at the participant's substitute address for all local, state and national elections in which the participant is eligible to vote. [OAC 230:15-5-83.1(a)]
    (c)   All records pertaining to an ACP participant voter shall be maintained in a manner ensuring these records are accessible only to authorized personnel and shall not be publicly accessible.
    (d)   The name, address, precinct number, and absentee ballots of any ACP participant voter shall not be released to any person for any purpose except by court order. Additionally, the name, address, precinct number,and absentee ballots of any ACP participant voter shall not appear on any list or report produced by either the State Election Board or County Election Board. [OAC 230:15-5-73(d)]
    (e)   The ACP shall notify the State Election Board when an ACP participant voter's:
    (1)   program certification has expired;
    (2)   program certification has been withdrawn or canceled;
    (3)   absentee ballot is returned non-deliverable;
    (4)   residence address changes.
[Source: Transferred from 655:30-1-12 by HB 2638 (2008), eff 7-1-08 (Editor’s Notice published at 25 Ok Reg 2607); Amended at 33 Ok Reg 1215, eff 9-11-16]