SECTION 765:38-1-3. Applicant  

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  • (a)   Activities requiring license. A manufactured home salesperson is anyone who has been engaged by a manufactured home dealer to buy, sell, exchange, negotiate or act as an agent for the purchase, sale or exchange of an interest in a manufactured home on behalf of the dealer for whom the salesperson is employed. A salesperson shall include anyone employed by the manufactured home dealer who is involved in any part of the sales process, including but not limited to the sales manager and finance and/or insurance manager.
    (b)   Information required. An applicant shall provide sufficient information on the application or otherwise to enable the Commission to determine whether the applicant should be granted a license. The information shall include:
    (1)   information relating to the applicant's business integrity, the applicant's experience in the same or similar businesses, and his business history,
    (2)   whether the applicant will devote full or part time to the business, and
    (3)   any other pertinent information consistent with the safeguarding of the public interest and welfare.
    (c)   Application required. Applications for license shall be verified by the oath or affirmation of the applicant and shall be on forms prescribed by the Commission and furnished to such applicants. The applications shall contain such information as the Commission deems necessary to enable it to fully determine the qualifications and eligibility of the applicant for the license applied for.
    (d)   Activity not authorized. A salesperson's license shall not authorize the person to refer a prospective customer or consumer to another manufactured home dealer and obtain compensation therefor without an employment relationship with the other manufactured home dealer.
[Source: Added at 23 Ok Reg 2899, eff 6-25-06]