SECTION 765:38-1-4. Issuance of license  

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  • (a)   Prerequisite. A license for a manufactured home salesperson will not be issued, renewed, or endorsed until the employing dealer is licensed and has certified that the applicant for said license is in his employ. Dealers' payrolls and other evidence will be checked to ascertain that all salespersons for such dealers are licensed. It is not intended that the dealer be required to pay for licenses for its salespersons. However, the dealer may do so on a reimbursable basis, or any other plan satisfactory to its dealership organization. All salespersons's licenses will be sent to the dealer for distribution to the respective applicants, and the dealer will determine that all its personnel required to obtain licenses have done so.
    (b)   Permanent license. A permanent salesperson's license shall be issued after approval of the applicant by the Commission. A salesperson's license shall consist of an identification card bearing the name, signature of the salesperson, social security number, name of employer, address, signature of the Executive Director, the dealer's license number prefixed with MH, (MH-0000). The card shall be carried upon his person at all times when acting as a manufactured home salesperson at licensee location.
[Source: Added at 23 Ok Reg 2899, eff 6-25-06]