SECTION 795:1-1-11. Public hearing procedure for rules and regulations

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  •   The Commission will give due notice of a public hearing on rules and regulations by stating time, place, date, and purpose of hearing.
    (1)   The meeting shall be attended by at least a quorum of Commission members, with one member appointed by the Chairman or the Chairman administering the hearing.
    (2)   Such public hearing shall follow this designated format:
    (A)   Hearing called to order.
    (B)   Introduction of board members who shall sit as a panel in front of those in attendance.
    (C)   Purpose of meeting announced.
    (D)   Asking those present to identify themselves by name, town and occupation or who they represent.
    (E)   Distribute copies of the rules and regulations to those present.
    (F)   Ask if there is anyone present who would like to comment upon the rules and regulations. The Commission will hear such comments or questions and answer them to the best of their knowledge.