SECTION 795:1-1-3. Definitions  

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  •   The following words or terms, when used in this Chapter, shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
    "Commercial channels" means the sale of wheat for any use, when sold to any commercial buyer, dealer, processor, cooperative, or to any person, public or private, who resells any wheat or product produced from wheat. [2:1023(5)]
    "Commercial quantities" means and includes all bushels of wheat produced for market in any calendar year by any producer. [2:1023(3)]
    "Commission" means the Wheat Utilization, Research and Market Development Commission. [2:1023(1)]
    "Current year" means current wheat marketing year beginning June 1 of each year and ending May 31 of the following year. [2:1024(D)]
    "Due notice" shall be in conformance with the Administrative Procedures Act. Due Notice means notice published at least (20) days in advance in the "Oklahoma Wheat News" and the "The Oklahoma Register" which have general circulation over the state and the areas wherein wheat growers are located.
    "First purchaser" means any person, public or private corporation, or partnership buying, accepting for shipment within the state or otherwise acquiring the property in or to wheat from a producer, and shall include a mortgagee, pledgee, lienor, or other person, public or private, having a claim against the producer, where the actual or constructive possession of such wheat is taken as part payment or in satisfaction of such mortgage, pledge, lien or claim. [2:1023(4)]
    "Regulations" means a rule or order prescribed for management of government; a regulating principle.
    "Respective district" means district in which eligible wheat producer resides. [2:1024(D)]
    "Rules" means any agency statement of general applicability and future effect that implements, interprets or prescribes substantive law or policy or prescribes the procedure or practice requirements of the agency.
    "Wheat producer" means anyone personally engaged in growing wheat, who markets wheat in commercial quantities in Oklahoma, and includes both the owner and tenant. [2:1023(2)]
[Source: Amended at 13 Ok Reg 1387, eff 5-13-96]