SECTION 795:1-1-5. District election rules  

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  • (a)   Election will begin at 1:00 p.m.
    (b)   All nominations will be made from the floor.
    (c)   There will be no nominating committees.
    (d)   No one person may nominate more than one name for a position.
    (e)   Nominations will be declared closed by the presiding officer after all nominations have been made.
    (f)   One secret ballot will be taken. Each qualified producer shall be eligible to vote for one nominee.
    (g)   The three candidates receiving the most number of votes during the one secret ballot will be the nominees whose names will be submitted to the Governor for selection of a Commission member. In case of a tie, a runoff will be held between the candidates involved in the tie vote. If a tie cannot be decided by a secret ballot, the nominee or nominees will be selected by lot.
    (h)   Any person nominated must agree to serve if appointed by the Governor.
    (i)   The presiding officer shall appoint three counters and shall designate one of them to record the votes for each candidate. The decision by a majority of the counters as to how each ballot shall be counted shall be final. Adequate watchers shall also be appointed.
    (j)   The presiding officer shall be the Chairman of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission. If the Chairman cannot be present, the presiding officer shall be the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Commission, or the Commissioner from the district holding the election.
    (k)   Adequate notice will be given of the date of an election.
    (l)   Eligibility to vote in an Oklahoma Wheat Commission District Election shall be: Each wheat producer who has paid his assessed fee and left the entire fee with the Commission during the current year shall be eligible to vote in the election for his respective district. It shall be the responsibility of the grower to provide proof of his eligibility to vote.
    (m)   Proof of voter eligibility shall include:
    (1)   a dated grain elevator receipt which includes the wheat producer's name and amount of wheat sold and
    (2)   a driver's license or some other form of identification.
[Source: Amended at 13 Ok Reg 1387, eff 5-13-96; Amended at 30 Ok Reg 1487, eff 7-1-13]