SECTION 800:10-1-7. Possession limit  

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  • (a)   No resident or nonresident shall have in their possession, in the field, more than one (1) daily bag limit listed in 800:10-1-5 and 800:10-1-6. Nonresidents shall not have more than two (2) daily bag limits in their possession at any time other than in the field, except for paddlefish which shall not exceed the individual annual harvest limit as listed in the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Fishing Guide. "In the Field" means while fishing, or while in a boat, or on the bank or in the immediate vicinity of any river, creek, stream, lake or pond, or while transporting or carrying the fish from the waters described above to camp or from such waters to the final destination.
    (b)   No person may possess with intent to transport or transport via land based transportation more than 200 shad, for personal use as bait. The sale, offer for sale, transport from Oklahoma with intent to sell or offer to sell shad taken from waters of this state is prohibited.
    (c)   No person shall transport shad from waters infested with Bighead or Silver Carp. These waters shall be designated in the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Oklahoma Fishing Guide which is published annually. If shad are collected from these listed waters for use as bait, they may only be used in the water body from which they were collected.
    (d)   Fish cleaning - You may not possess a gamefish, hybrid striped bass or flathead catfish that has been filleted or had its head or tail removed while actively engaging in fishing.
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