SECTION 86:20-13-4. Responsibility of supervisors and supervisees  

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  • (a)   The supervisor and supervisee shall be jointly responsible for the following:
    (1)   Ensuring the requirements under this subchapter are fulfilled. A failure to comply may result in the loss of supervision hours, denial of licensure, initiation of formal complaint procedures, and/or loss of approved supervisor status.
    (2)   Ensuring the client's right to confidentiality is protected and rules of the supervisor's and supervisee's employer(s) are adhered to during the course of supervision.
    (b)   The supervisor shall maintain supervision records for each supervisee for at least five (5) years beyond the termination or completion of the supervised experience.
    (c)   When supervision is terminated by either the supervisor, or the supervisee, a Termination of Supervision Agreement Form must be submitted to the Board within three (3) days of the termination.
    (d)   The supervisee is responsible for negotiating a new supervision contract with a board approved supervisor and following all requirements set forth in Subchapter 13, section 86:20-13-3.
[Source: Added at 32 Ok Reg 175, eff 4-23-14 (emergency); Added at 32 Ok Reg 1587, eff 9-11-15]