SECTION 92:1-9-9. Subpoenas  

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  • (a)   Issuance. Subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses, the furnishing of information and the production of evidence shall be issued by the Administrator upon request by a party. Attorney filing a formal request for the issuance of subpoenas shall not be required. Subpoenas shall be served and a return made in the same manner as provided for in the Administrative Procedures Act.
    (b)   Failure to obey. The Commission may seek an appropriate judicial proceeding to compel compliance by persons who fail to obey a subpoena, who refuse to be sworn or make an affirmation at a hearing or who refuse to answer a proper question during a hearing. The hearing shall proceed despite any such refusal but the Commission may, in its discretion at any time, continue the proceedings as necessary to secure a court ruling.
    (c)   Motions to quash. Motions to quash subpoenas may be filed with the Administrator and will be ruled on by the Commission.
[Source: Added at 17 Ok Reg 2281, eff 6-26-00; Amended at 35 Ok Reg 885, eff 9-14-18]