Chapter 10. Programs, Boards, and Councils: Operation and Administration

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 135:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 135:10-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Office of Juvenile System Oversight
SECTION 135:10-3-1. Origin and authority
SECTION 135:10-3-2. Duties and responsibilities
Subchapter 5. Office of Planning and Coordination for Services to Children and Youth
SECTION 135:10-5-1. Duties
Subchapter 7. Oklahoma Planning and Coordinating Council for Services to Children and Youth [revoked]
SECTION 135:10-7-1. Membership and staffing [revoked]
SECTION 135:10-7-2. Meetings [revoked]
Subchapter 9. Community Partnership Boards
SECTION 135:10-9-1. Membership
SECTION 135:10-9-2. Community Partnership Board plans
Subchapter 11. Post Adjudication Review Board Administration
SECTION 135:10-11-1. Definitions
SECTION 135:10-11-2. Origin and membership
SECTION 135:10-11-3. Advisory status of review boards and Administrative duties
SECTION 135:10-11-4. Confidentiality requirements and disclosure
Subchapter 13. Serious and Habitual Juvenile Offender Implementation Task Force [Reserved]
Subchapter 15. Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program [Reserved]
Subchapter 17. Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Childhood Intervention [Reserved]
Subchapter 19. Interagency Coordinating Council for Special Services to Children and Youth [Reserved]
Subchapter 21. Child Death Review Board
SECTION 135:10-21-1. Creation
SECTION 135:10-21-2. Local Child Death Review Teams
SECTION 135:10-21-3. Responsibilities of the Child Death Review Board [revoked]
Subchapter 22. Child Abuse Training and Coordination Council
SECTION 135:10-22-1. Creation
SECTION 135:10-22-2. Appointment of members
SECTION 135:10-22-3. Rescinding an appointment
Subchapter 23. Interagency Child Abuse Prevention Task Force
SECTION 135:10-23-1. Creation
SECTION 135:10-23-2. Appointment of members
SECTION 135:10-23-3. Rescinding an appointment
Subchapter 24. Certification of Children's Shelters Operated by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services
SECTION 135:10-24-1. Origin and authority
SECTION 135:10-24-2. Duties and responsibilities
SECTION 135:10-24-3. Certification process
Subchapter 25. Freestanding Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Teams
SECTION 135:10-25-1. Origin and authority
SECTION 135:10-25-2. Duties and responsibilities
SECTION 135:10-25-3. Approval of freestanding multidisciplinary child abuse team
SECTION 135:10-25-4. Services provided by a freestanding multidisciplinary child abuse team
SECTION 135:10-25-5. Eligibility standards for a functioning freestanding multidisciplinary child abuse team
SECTION 135:10-25-6. Eligibility standards for a provisionally functioning freestanding multidisciplinary child abuse team
SECTION 135:10-25-7. Non-compliance with freestanding multidisciplinary child abuse team minimal standards
SECTION 135:10-25-8. Process for removal of a non-functioning freestanding multidisciplinary child abuse team from the list of freestanding functioning multidisciplinary child abuse teams.
Subchapter 26. Juvenile Forensic Evaluator Credentialing
SECTION 135:10-26-1. Origin and authority
SECTION 135:10-26-2. Definitions
SECTION 135:10-26-3. Credentialing process
SECTION 135:10-26-4. Juvenile Competency Evaluation Professional Committee


[Authority: 10 O.S., §§ 601.4(9)]
[Source: Codified 7-25-94]