Chapter 15. Special Certificates and Miscellaneous Provisions  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 140:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 140:15-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 140:15-1-3. Gender
SECTION 140:15-1-4. Statutory citations
Subchapter 3. Certificates for Chiropractic Claims Consultants [revoked]
SECTION 140:15-3-1. Certain acts prohibited; exceptions [revoked]
SECTION 140:15-3-2. Registration with the Board; certificate [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Authorization for Injectables
SECTION 140:15-5-1. Authorization from the Board
SECTION 140:15-5-2. Application for authorization; educational requirements
SECTION 140:15-5-3. Education and training
SECTION 140:15-5-4. Continuing education hours
Subchapter 7. Public Welfare
SECTION 140:15-7-1. Display of license
SECTION 140:15-7-2. Current mailing address of licensee; notice
SECTION 140:15-7-3. Professional corporations and limited liability companies
SECTION 140:15-7-4. Appendages to names of licensees
SECTION 140:15-7-5. Code of Ethics
Subchapter 8. Animal Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment
SECTION 140:15-8-1. Certificate of a chiropractor and animal chiropractic diagnosis and treatment
SECTION 140:15-8-2. Continuing education hours
SECTION 140:15-8-3. Animal chiropractic certification card
Subchapter 9. Chiropractic Specialties
SECTION 140:15-9-1. Oversight Authority
SECTION 140:15-9-2. Specialty Register
SECTION 140:15-9-3. Educational Requirements
SECTION 140:15-9-4. Initial Registration Requirements
SECTION 140:15-9-5. Annual Re-registration Requirements
SECTION 140:15-9-6. Prohibited Acts
Subchapter 10. Acupuncture
SECTION 140:15-10-1. Registration from the Board
SECTION 140:15-10-2. Application for registration; educational requirements
Subchapter 11. Homeopathy
SECTION 140:15-11-1. Registration from the Board
SECTION 140:15-11-2. Application for registration; educational requirements
Subchapter 12. Naturopathy
SECTION 140:15-12-1. Registration from the Board
SECTION 140:15-12-2. Application for registration; educational requirements


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 161.2 and 161.6]
[Source: Codified 8-25-94]