TITLE 158. Construction Industries Board  

Chapter 1. Procedures of the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board
Chapter 10. Fine Schedule
Chapter 20. Elevator Injury Reporting Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 30. Plumbing Industry Regulations
Chapter 40. Electrical Industry Regulations
Chapter 50. Mechanical Industry Regulations
Chapter 60. Inspectors Regulations
Chapter 70. Home Inspection Industry Regulations
Chapter 80. Roofing Contractor Registration [Expired]
Chapter 85. Roofing Contractor Registration Regulations


Editor's Note: Effective 1-1-02, "all powers, duties, responsibilities, . . . of the State Board of Health, the State Department of Health, and the State Commissioner of Health relating exclusively to the regulation of the plumbing, electrical and mechanical trades, and building and construction inspectors [were] placed under the authority of the Construction Industries Board [59 O.S., § 1000.4(C)]." "In addition to rules promulgated by the Construction Industries Board, rules promulgated by the State Board of Health prior to January 1, 2002 shall be the rules of the Construction Industries Board and shall continue in effect until such rules are amended or repealed by rules promulgated by the Construction Industries Board." [59 O.S., § 1000.4(A)(3)] The Construction Industries Board promulgated emergency rules effective 1-22-02 (Chapters 10, 30, 40, 50, and 60) and 2-1-02 (Chapter 1), and superseded the emergency rules with permanent rules effective 5-28-02.• For additional information about this transfer of rulemaking authority, see 59 O.S., §§ 1000.1 et seq.• For related rules of the Oklahoma State Department of Health promulgated prior to 1-1-02, see Title 310, Chapters 6, 7, 110, 245, 275, 290, and 310 in the 2001 Edition of the OAC, and emergency amendments to 310:290 published at 18 Ok Reg 3591.