Chapter 1. Procedures of the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board  

Subchapter 1. Description of Organization
SECTION 158:1-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 158:1-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 158:1-1-3. Organization
SECTION 158:1-1-4. Administrator
Subchapter 3. General Operation and Procedures
SECTION 158:1-3-1. Address
SECTION 158:1-3-2. Office hours
SECTION 158:1-3-3. Writing to the Board
SECTION 158:1-3-4. Board statements, orders and forms
SECTION 158:1-3-5. Access to Agency records pursuant to the Open Records Act
SECTION 158:1-3-6. Administrative Law Judges and clerks
SECTION 158:1-3-7. Requesting individual proceedings and rulemaking
SECTION 158:1-3-8. Fee for dishonored checks
SECTION 158:1-3-9. Fees for plan review and project review for code conformance
SECTION 158:1-3-10. Acceptance of Military education, training, and experience toward qualification for licensure or endorsement examination
SECTION 158:1-3-11. Expediting issuances of license, registration, or endorsement to military spouse
SECTION 158:1-3-12. Renewals for licensee or registration or endorsement holder - post-military service
SECTION 158:1-3-13. Reciprocity, exam equivalency and portability of licensure and registration
Subchapter 5. Procedure in Individual Proceedings
SECTION 158:1-5-1. Petition and notice
SECTION 158:1-5-2. Notice of hearing
SECTION 158:1-5-3. Service of petition and notice of hearing
SECTION 158:1-5-4. Service of other papers and documents
SECTION 158:1-5-5. Response
SECTION 158:1-5-5.1. Entry of Appearance
SECTION 158:1-5-6. Prehearing conference
SECTION 158:1-5-7. Continuances
SECTION 158:1-5-8. Subpoenas
SECTION 158:1-5-9. Record
SECTION 158:1-5-10. Order of procedure
SECTION 158:1-5-11. Default
SECTION 158:1-5-12. Order
SECTION 158:1-5-13. Reconsideration
SECTION 158:1-5-13.1. Appeals
SECTION 158:1-5-14. Settlement
SECTION 158:1-5-15. Enforcement of Final Orders
SECTION 158:1-5-16. Emergency actions
SECTION 158:1-5-17. Notice of violation and compliance orders
Subchapter 7. Oklahoma Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act
SECTION 158:1-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 158:1-7-2. Definitions
SECTION 158:1-7-3. Waiver or reduction of administrative fine or penalty
SECTION 158:1-7-4. Assessment Order [Expired]
Subchapter 9. Actions to Improve Workforce Development and Skilled Trade Education
SECTION 158:1-9-1. Skilled Trade Education and Workforce Development Fund
SECTION 158:1-9-2. Additional powers and duties of the Board-workforce development and education
SECTION 158:1-9-3. Contracts with Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 858-627, 1000.4, 1000.5, 1002, 1032, 1681, 1850.3, 1151.2a, and 1151.4]
[Source: Codified 5-28-02]