Chapter 70. Home Inspection Industry Regulations  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 158:70-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 158:70-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 158:70-1-3. Standards of workmanship and practice
SECTION 158:70-1-4. Sample Forms or Formats
Subchapter 3. Procedures of the Committee
SECTION 158:70-3-1. Procedures of the Committee
Subchapter 5. License Requirements, License Fees, License Period, Re-Examination, Display and Insurance
SECTION 158:70-5-1. Home inspection license requirements
SECTION 158:70-5-2. License fees, license period, re-examination, display, and insurance requirements
Subchapter 9. Examination Applications, Examinations, Course Approval Requirements, Instructor Requirements, Continuing Education, Denied Application Appeal, Submission of Records, Substantial Compliance and Reciprocity
SECTION 158:70-9-1. Qualifications and examination applications
SECTION 158:70-9-1.1. Acceptance of Military education, training and experience toward qualification for licensure examination
SECTION 158:70-9-1.2. Expediting issuances of license to military spouse
SECTION 158:70-9-1.3. Renewals for licensee - post-military service
SECTION 158:70-9-2. Examinations
SECTION 158:70-9-3. Course approval requirements
SECTION 158:70-9-4. Instructor requirements
SECTION 158:70-9-5. Continuing education
SECTION 158:70-9-6. Denied application appeal
SECTION 158:70-9-7. Submission of records
SECTION 158:70-9-8. Substantial compliance and reciprocity
Subchapter 11. License Revocation and Suspension and Additional Prohibited Acts
SECTION 158:70-11-1. License revocation and suspension
SECTION 158:70-11-2. Additional prohibited acts
Appendix A. Sample Home Inspection Exclusion Form


Editor's Note: Effective 11-1-08, the authority to "adopt, amend, repeal, and promulgate rules as may be necessary to regulate . . . home inspectors" was transferred from the Oklahoma State Department of Health to the Construction Industries Board [see 59 O.S., § 1000.4]. The Construction Industries Board promulgated emergency rules on 11-14-08 [see 26 Ok Reg 387 and 390], and subsequently superseded the emergency rules with permanent rules in this Chapter 70 [OAC 158:70] on 7-11-09 [see also OAC 158:10-3-1 for related fines]. The Department of Health later revoked its rules regulating home inspectors at OAC 310:276, effective 9-12-14. For additional information about this transfer, see Laws 2008, c. 405.

[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 858-627, 1000.4, and 1000.5]
[Source: Codified 7-11-09]