Chapter 80. Roofing Contractor Registration [Expired]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-1-1. Purpose [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-1-2. Definitions [Expired]
Subchapter 3. Application for Registration of Roofing Contractors [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-3-1. Application for registration [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-3-2. Information and documentation required for registration [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-3-3. Fees [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-3-4. Action on initial application [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-3-5. Grounds for refusal to grant registration [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-3-6. Disclosure of felony convictions [Expired]
Subchapter 5. Roofing Contractor Registration [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-1. Roofing contractor registration certificate [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-2. Contents of registration certificate and registration card [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-3. Registration number [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-4. Term of registration [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-5. Notification of changes in application information required [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-6. Surrender of certicicate of registration or registration card [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-7. Business entities required to file with the Secretary of State [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-5-8. Registration sharing prohibited; Separate joint venture registration required [Expired]
Subchapter 7. Registration Renewal [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-7-1. Renewal of registration, fees and time restrictions [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-7-2. Registration renewal requirements [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-7-3. Action on renewal application [Expired]
Subchapter 9. Appeal procedure for denied application for Registration or registration renewal [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-9-1. Appeal procedures for denial of initial application for renewal [Expired]
Subchapter 11. Registry and Classification [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-11-1. Registry of roofing contractors [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-11-2. Status classification of registered roofing contractors [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-11-3. Status classification of "Not in Good Standing" [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-11-4. Appeal of status classifications [Expired]
Subchapter 13. Complaints [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-13-1. Complaint and response forms [Expired]
SECTION 158:80-13-2. Receiving and processing complaints [Expired]


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 1000.4, 1000.5, and 1151.1 et seq.]