Chapter 85. Roofing Contractor Registration Regulations

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 158:85-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 158:85-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 158:85-1-3. Requirement to be registered and endorsed
SECTION 158:85-1-4. Standard of installation
Subchapter 2. Registration and Endorsement Application and Renewal Requirements, Procedures, Fees, Duration, Military and Reciprocity
SECTION 158:85-2-1. Registration, insurance, and workers' compensation coverage
SECTION 158:85-2-2. Endorsement required for commercial roofing work
SECTION 158:85-2-3. Application procedure and information required
SECTION 158:85-2-4. Renewal of registration and endorsement
SECTION 158:85-2-5. Fees
SECTION 158:85-2-6. Duration of registration and endorsement
SECTION 158:85-2-7. Registration and Endorsement - post-military and military spouse application, expediting issuance of endorsement to military spouse, and renewals for endorsement - post-military service
SECTION 158:85-2-8. Roofing contractor registration and commercial endorsement by reciprocity
SECTION 158:85-2-9. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-2-10. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-2-11. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-2-12. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-2-13. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-2-14. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-2-15. Conversion of annual registrations to last day of birth month and proration of endorsement to coincide with duration of registration [Expired]
Subchapter 3. Procedures of the Committee and Hearing Board
SECTION 158:85-3-1. Procedures of the Committee
SECTION 158:85-3-2. Procedures of the Hearing Board
SECTION 158:85-3-3. [Reserved]
SECTION 158:85-3-4. Authority for proceedings
Subchapter 5. Registration and Endorsement Requirements and Limitations, Display of Registration Number, Endorsement, Firm Name and Contact Information, Exclusions
SECTION 158:85-5-1. Registration requirements
SECTION 158:85-5-2. Grounds for refusal to grant registration
SECTION 158:85-5-3. Registration responsibilities and limitations
SECTION 158:85-5-4. Display and posting of registration number, endorsement, and firm name
SECTION 158:85-5-5. Exclusions to requirements of registration and endorsement
Subchapter 7. [Reserved]
Subchapter 9. Endorsement Qualifications, Requirements, Examination and Continuing Education
SECTION 158:85-9-1. Roofing registration endorsement qualifications
SECTION 158:85-9-2. Qualifications for commercial endorsement on a roofing contractor registration
SECTION 158:85-9-3. Commercial endorsement examination
SECTION 158:85-9-4. Continuing education
Subchapter 10. Enforcement
SECTION 158:85-10-1. Authority and procedures
Subchapter 11. Registration and Endorsement Revocation or Suspension and Prohibited Acts
SECTION 158:85-11-1. Registration and endorsement retention requirements
SECTION 158:85-11-2. Prohibited acts
Subchapter 13. Procedures of the Variance and Appeals Board, Code Variance Applications and Fee, Code Interpretation Appeals
SECTION 158:85-13-1. Procedures of the Variance and Appeals Board
SECTION 158:85-13-2. Code variance applications and fee
SECTION 158:85-13-3. Code interpretation appeals


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 1000.4, 1000.5, 1151.2a, and 1151.4]
[Source: Codified 9-11-15]