Chapter 45. Truth in Lending Rules  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 160:45-1-1. Authority, purpose, coverage, organization, enforcement and liability
SECTION 160:45-1-2. Definitions and rules of construction
SECTION 160:45-1-3. Exempt transactions
SECTION 160:45-1-4. Finance charge
Subchapter 3. Open-End Credit
SECTION 160:45-3-1. General disclosure requirements
SECTION 160:45-3-2. Credit and charge card applications and solicitations
SECTION 160:45-3-3. Requirements for home-equity plans
SECTION 160:45-3-4. Initial disclosure statement
SECTION 160:45-3-5. Periodic statement
SECTION 160:45-3-6. Identification of transactions
SECTION 160:45-3-7. Subsequent disclosure requirements
SECTION 160:45-3-8. Prompt crediting of payments
SECTION 160:45-3-9. Treatment of credit balances
SECTION 160:45-3-10. Special credit card provisions
SECTION 160:45-3-11. Billing-error resolution
SECTION 160:45-3-12. Determination of annual percentage rate
SECTION 160:45-3-13. Right of rescission
SECTION 160:45-3-14. Advertising
Subchapter 5. Closed-End Credit
SECTION 160:45-5-1. General disclosure requirements
SECTION 160:45-5-2. Content of disclosures
SECTION 160:45-5-3. Certain mortgage and variable-rate transactions
SECTION 160:45-5-4. Subsequent disclosure requirements
SECTION 160:45-5-5. Treatment of credit balances
SECTION 160:45-5-6. Determination of annual percentage rate
SECTION 160:45-5-7. Right of rescission
SECTION 160:45-5-8. Advertising
SECTION 160:45-5-9. Mortgage transfer disclosures
Subchapter 7. Miscellaneous
SECTION 160:45-7-1. Record retention
SECTION 160:45-7-2. Use of annual percentage rate in oral disclosures
SECTION 160:45-7-3. Language of disclosures
SECTION 160:45-7-4. Limitations on rates
Subchapter 9. Special Rules for Certain Home Mortgage Transactions
SECTION 160:45-9-1. General rules
SECTION 160:45-9-2. Requirements for certain closed-end home mortgages
SECTION 160:45-9-3. Requirements for reverse mortgages
SECTION 160:45-9-4. Prohibited acts or practices in connection with credit subject to 160:45-9-2
SECTION 160:45-9-5. Prohibited acts or practices in connection with higher-priced mortgage loans
SECTION 160:45-9-6. Prohibited acts or practices in connection with credit secured by a consumer's principal dwelling
SECTION 160:45-9-7. Mortgage transfer disclosures [Expired]
Subchapter 11. Electronic Communication [revoked]
SECTION 160:45-11-1. Requirements for electronic communication [revoked]
Subchapter 13. Special Rules for Private Education Loans [Expired]
SECTION 160:45-13-1. Special disclosure requirements for private education loans [Expired]
SECTION 160:45-13-2. Content of disclosures [Expired]
SECTION 160:45-13-3. Limitations on private education loans [Expired]
Appendix A. [Reserved]
Appendix B. [Reserved]
Appendix C. [Reserved]
Appendix D. Multiple-Advance Construction Loans
Appendix E. Rules for Card Issuers that Bill on a Transaction-by-Transaction Basis
Appendix F. Annual Percentage Rate Computations for Certain Open-End Credit Plans
Appendix G. Open-End Model Forms and Clauses
Appendix H. Closed-End Model Forms and Clauses
Appendix I. [Reserved]
Appendix J. Annual Percentage Rate Computations for Closed-End Credit Transactions
Appendix K. Total-Annual-Loan-Cost Rate Computations for Reverse-Mortgage Transactions
Appendix L. Assumed Loan Periods for Computations of Total-Annual-Loan-Cost Rates


[Authority: 14A O.S., § 3-310, 6-104(1)(e) and (2)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]