Chapter 50. Health Spas  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 160:50-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 160:50-1-1.1. Severability
SECTION 160:50-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 160:50-1-3. Authority and coverage [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Registration
SECTION 160:50-3-1. Registration required [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-1.1. Registration forms
SECTION 160:50-3-2. Certificate as evidence of registration [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-3. Identification number [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-4. Registration forms [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-5. Initial Registration period [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-6. Subsequent Registration periods [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-7. Delinquency of renewal [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-8. Change of Registration information [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-3-9. Change of ownership
SECTION 160:50-3-10. Ownership of more than one health spa
SECTION 160:50-3-11. Moving or closing a location
Subchapter 5. Bond Requirements
SECTION 160:50-5-1. Bond forms
SECTION 160:50-5-2. Effective date of bonds
SECTION 160:50-5-3. Cancellation or termination of bond
SECTION 160:50-5-4. Time of filing [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-5-5. Exemption requirements
SECTION 160:50-5-6. Limits on bond requirements
Subchapter 7. Presale Requirements
SECTION 160:50-7-1. General requirements for presale agreements
SECTION 160:50-7-2. Notification in event of delay [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-7-3. Notification of location and funds
SECTION 160:50-7-4. Exemption from bond requirements [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-7-5. Release of presale funds [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-7-6. Substantial Completion
Subchapter 9. Disclosures
SECTION 160:50-9-1. General provisions [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-9-1.1. Cancellation
SECTION 160:50-9-2. Burden of proof [revoked]
Subchapter 11. Records
SECTION 160:50-11-1. Records and changes
SECTION 160:50-11-2. Copies to be provided to Administrator [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-11-3. Inspection of records [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-11-4. Compliance with the U3C [revoked]
Subchapter 13. Medical Examinations
SECTION 160:50-13-1. Medical examinations
Subchapter 15. Enforcement
SECTION 160:50-15-1. Report of violations to District Attorney [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-15-1.1. Investigative proceedings
SECTION 160:50-15-1.2. Individual proceedings
SECTION 160:50-15-1.3. License surrender
SECTION 160:50-15-1.4. License reinstatement
SECTION 160:50-15-1.5. Hearing procedure - emergency actions
SECTION 160:50-15-1.6. Circumvention prohibited
SECTION 160:50-15-1.7. Review of an order
SECTION 160:50-15-1.8. Civil and criminal actions
SECTION 160:50-15-2. Actions to be conducted pursuant to APA [revoked]
SECTION 160:50-15-3. Maintenance of certain records [revoked]


[Authority: 59 O.S., § 2010; 75 O.S., § 302(A)(2)]
[Source: Codified 6-25-92]