Chapter 57. Operator Service Providers Telecommunications Services  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 165:57-1-1. Purpose; short title
SECTION 165:57-1-2. Jurisdiction
SECTION 165:57-1-3. Application of rules
SECTION 165:57-1-4. Definitions
SECTION 165:57-1-5. Interpretation of rules
SECTION 165:57-1-6. Relief from rules
SECTION 165:57-1-7. Exceptions or variances
SECTION 165:57-1-8. Supremacy
SECTION 165:57-1-9. Rules conform to law
SECTION 165:57-1-10. Controversy over rules
SECTION 165:57-1-11. Severability
SECTION 165:57-1-12. Conflict with Commission order
SECTION 165:57-1-13. Conflict with filed tariffs
SECTION 165:57-1-14. Tariff conformance [revoked]
SECTION 165:57-1-15. Universal service
SECTION 165:57-1-16. Operator service intended for exclusive use of inmates
Subchapter 3. Operations
SECTION 165:57-3-1. General operations - operator service providers
SECTION 165:57-3-2. General operations - aggregators
SECTION 165:57-3-3. Immediate routing of emergency calls
Subchapter 5. Certificates, Reports, and Records
Subchapter 7. Tariffs
SECTION 165:57-7-1. Tariffs and/or Terms of Service required
SECTION 165:57-7-2. Information to be included in an OSP's tariff
SECTION 165:57-7-3. Requirements as to size, form and identification of tariffs
SECTION 165:57-7-4. Symbols for changes
SECTION 165:57-7-5.1. Name changes and/or trade name additions
SECTION 165:57-7-5. Revisions to tariffs
SECTION 165:57-7-5.5. Confidential information related to tariffs
SECTION 165:57-7-6. Suspension
SECTION 165:57-7-7. Objections
Subchapter 9. Billing, Disputes and Ceasing Operations [revoked]
SECTION 165:57-9-1. Billing for unanswered calls [revoked]
SECTION 165:57-9-2. Disputed charges [revoked]
SECTION 165:57-9-3. Notification when an OSP withdraws from business [revoked]
Subchapter 10. Billing and Billing Payment Requirements
SECTION 165:57-10-1. Billing period
SECTION 165:57-10-2. Bills rendered by a billing agent
SECTION 165:57-10-3. Content of bills
SECTION 165:57-10-4. [Reserved]
SECTION 165:57-10-5. Due date and penalty
SECTION 165:57-10-6. [Reserved]
SECTION 165:57-10-7. Request for payments other than normal billings
SECTION 165:57-10-8. [Reserved]
SECTION 165:57-10-9. Disputed charges
SECTION 165:57-10-10. [Reserved]
SECTION 165:57-10-11. Billing for unanswered calls
Subchapter 12. Notification of Changes to Ownership, Control or Business Operation
SECTION 165:57-12-1. Notification of transactions affecting the ownership or control of an OSP
SECTION 165:57-12-2. [Reserved]
SECTION 165:57-12-3. Cessation of business in Oklahoma
Appendix A. Application Form for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity [revoked]
Appendix B. Sample Tariff Format [revoked]
Appendix C. Application Form for Changes to Tariffs [revoked]
Appendix D. Publication Format [revoked]
Appendix E. Amended Application [revoked]
Appendix F. Annual Report Format [revoked]
Appendix G. Affidavit of Authorized Agent Form [revoked]
Appendix H. Telecommunications Complaint Report Form
Appendix I. Customer Complaint Codes


[Authority: OKLA. CONST. art IX, § 18; 17 O.S., §§ 131 et seq. and 139.2]
[Source: Codified 7-1-95]