Chapter 60. Extended Area Service/Wide Area Calling Plans (EAS/WACP) [revoked]  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-1. Purpose; short title [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-2. Jurisdiction [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-3. Application of rules [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-4. Scope of rules [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-5. Interpretation of rules [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-6. Relief from rules [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-7. Rules conform to law [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-8. Controversy over rules [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-9. Severability [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-1-10. Definitions [revoked]
Subchapter 3. Application and General Procedural Requirements [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-3-1. Application for EAS/WACP [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-3-2. Intervenor status [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-3-3. Amendment of application [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-3-4. Dismissal of application [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Criteria for EAS/WACP Arrangement [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-1. Procedures for initiating cost, engineering and rate design studies [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-2. Procedures for conducting traffic studies [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-3. Determination of adequacy of traffic to meet criteria [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-4. Determination of costs, engineering, and rate design [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-5. Polling of affected subscribers [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-5.1. Technical conference [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-5.2. Initial hearing before the Commission [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-6. Hearing before the Commission en banc; Commission determination [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-6.1. Polling of affected customers [revoked]
SECTION 165:60-5-7. Final Hearing before the Commission en banc [revoked]
Appendix A. Example of a Petition in Support of an Application for Extended Area Service [revoked]


[Authority: OKLA. CONST. art IX, § 18]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]