Chapter 25. Community Sentencing  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 170:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 170:25-1-2. Scope
SECTION 170:25-1-3. Definitions
SECTION 170:25-1-4. Funding method
Subchapter 3. Application and Approval
SECTION 170:25-3-1. Submission of local plan
SECTION 170:25-3-2. Request for capital expenditures
SECTION 170:25-3-3. Departmental evaluation, additional criteria, and onsite evaluation
SECTION 170:25-3-4. Continuing existing programs
SECTION 170:25-3-5. Active Councils
Subchapter 5. Plan Administration
SECTION 170:25-5-1. Performance based evaluation
SECTION 170:25-5-2. Expansion or modification of plan
SECTION 170:25-5-3. Medical treatment and payment of costs in funded local systems
SECTION 170:25-5-4. Mediation of disputes, proper forum, and venue
SECTION 170:25-5-6. Public immunity
Subchapter 7. Technical Assistance and Training
SECTION 170:25-7-1. Technical assistance and training
Subchapter 9. Fiscal Management
SECTION 170:25-9-1. Funding process
SECTION 170:25-9-2. Accounting of funded accounts
SECTION 170:25-9-3. Funds accrued by local systems
SECTION 170:25-9-4. Grants
SECTION 170:25-9-5. Penalties
SECTION 170:25-9-6. Waiver of supervision fees
Subchapter 11. Revocation to Department of Corrections
SECTION 170:25-11-1. Revocation to Department of Corrections


[Authority: 22 O.S., §§ 1 et seq. and §988.1 et. seq.]
[Source: Codified 9-13-99]