Chapter 10. Supervision, Regulation and Administration

Subchapter 1. Department and Board Requirements
SECTION 180:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 180:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 180:10-1-3. Description of forms and instructions
SECTION 180:10-1-4. Change in name
SECTION 180:10-1-5. Bond requirements; schedule
SECTION 180:10-1-6. Approved auditors
SECTION 180:10-1-7. Bylaw amendments
SECTION 180:10-1-8. Corporate central credit union organization and operation
SECTION 180:10-1-9. Copies of State Credit Union Board agendas; fee [revoked]
SECTION 180:10-1-10. Members/Eligibility [revoked]
SECTION 180:10-1-11. Records and retention
SECTION 180:10-1-12. Reporting changes in executive officers, directors and committee members
SECTION 180:10-1-13. Prohibition against credit unions employing, electing or appointing certain individuals and Credit Union Board's power to enforce
SECTION 180:10-1-14. Assessments
SECTION 180:10-1-15. Fees
SECTION 180:10-1-16. Suspicious activity reports
SECTION 180:10-1-17. Credit union branches
Subchapter 3. New Credit Unions, Mergers, Conversions and Field of Membership
SECTION 180:10-3-1. New credit union; organization
SECTION 180:10-3-2. Mergers and acquisitions [Reserved]
SECTION 180:10-3-3. Conversion requirements
SECTION 180:10-3-4. Declaration of field of membership
SECTION 180:10-3-5. Community field of membership
SECTION 180:10-3-6. Multiple common bond field of membership
SECTION 180:10-3-7. Single common bond field of membership
SECTION 180:10-3-8. Field of membership list
SECTION 180:10-3-9. Field of membership disaffiliation [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Guidelines and Restrictions
SECTION 180:10-5-1. Deposits
SECTION 180:10-5-2. Dividends and interest paid
SECTION 180:10-5-3. Investment and deposits
SECTION 180:10-5-4. Rental or purchase of property
SECTION 180:10-5-5. Share drafts, checking accounts or other instruments and accounts
SECTION 180:10-5-6. Issuance of accounts [revoked]
SECTION 180:10-5-7. Adjustable rate mortgage loans and variable rate loans
SECTION 180:10-5-8. Safe deposit boxes
SECTION 180:10-5-9. Prohibited acts and practices
Subchapter 7. Credit Union Administrator [revoked]
SECTION 180:10-7-1. Assessments [revoked]
SECTION 180:10-7-2. Suspension of Officers, Directors and Committee Members by Credit Union Administrator [revoked]


[Authority: 6 O.S., § 2001.2]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]