Chapter 10. Examinations and Licensing of Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Specialists  

Subchapter 1. Examination for Dentists
SECTION 195:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 195:10-1-2. Eligibility to take examination and application procedure
SECTION 195:10-1-3. Contents of examination
Subchapter 3. Examination for Dental Hygienists
SECTION 195:10-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 195:10-3-2. Eligibility to take examination and application procedure
SECTION 195:10-3-3. Contents of examination
Subchapter 5. Reciprocity and Criteria Approval
SECTION 195:10-5-1. Purpose
SECTION 195:10-5-2. Requirements for reciprocal licensure
Subchapter 7. Issuance of Temporary Licenses to Dental Hygienists, Faculty Permits, and Dental Intern Permits
SECTION 195:10-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 195:10-7-2. Requirements for the issuance of temporary licenses
SECTION 195:10-7-3. Temporary permits for internships, residencies, and dentist Employed by the State Health Department and dental school or dental hygiene school faculty permits
Subchapter 9. Recognition of Specialties
SECTION 195:10-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 195:10-9-2. Specialties recognized by the Board and qualifying requirements
Subchapter 11. Specialty Examinations
SECTION 195:10-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 195:10-11-2. Time of examinations
SECTION 195:10-11-3. Temporary licenses not issued
SECTION 195:10-11-4. Significance of specialty license; limitations of practice
SECTION 195:10-11-5. Recognition of graduate education
SECTION 195:10-11-6. Reexamination
SECTION 195:10-11-7. The application for examination
SECTION 195:10-11-8. Failure to appear; subsequent examination
SECTION 195:10-11-9. The Examination Committee
SECTION 195:10-11-10. The examination


[Authority: 59 O.S. §§ 328.15 and 328.21 through 328.27]
[Source: Codified 5-22-91]