Chapter 10. Administration of Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 200:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 200:10-1-2. Statutory citations
SECTION 200:10-1-3. Statutory definitions
SECTION 200:10-1-4. Additional definitions
SECTION 200:10-1-5. Severability
SECTION 200:10-1-6. Interpretation of rules
Subchapter 3. The Fund
SECTION 200:10-3-1. Purpose of the Fund
SECTION 200:10-3-2. Assets of the Fund
SECTION 200:10-3-3. Standards of operation of the Fund
Subchapter 5. Project and Program Eligibility
SECTION 200:10-5-1. Distribution and equal access
SECTION 200:10-5-2. Financing purposes
SECTION 200:10-5-3. Target market for fund credit support
SECTION 200:10-5-4. Fund portfolio mix
SECTION 200:10-5-5. Insurance Commitment size diversification
SECTION 200:10-5-6. Fund geographic diversification
SECTION 200:10-5-7. Proscribed activities
SECTION 200:10-5-8. Program guidelines
Subchapter 7. Insurance Commitment Amounts, Premiums and Security
SECTION 200:10-7-1. Insurance Commitment amounts
SECTION 200:10-7-2. Premiums
SECTION 200:10-7-3. Debt service reserve
SECTION 200:10-7-4. Commitment to be secured
SECTION 200:10-7-5. Insurance to value
SECTION 200:10-7-6. Amortization of underlying financing
Subchapter 9. Insurance Application Procedure
SECTION 200:10-9-1. Application
SECTION 200:10-9-2. Application information package
SECTION 200:10-9-3. Submission of application
SECTION 200:10-9-4. Written report and recommendation by credit officer
Subchapter 11. General Approval Standards and Criteria
SECTION 200:10-11-1. Approval by ODFA Board Of Directors
SECTION 200:10-11-2. Standards and criteria for application approval
SECTION 200:10-11-3. Criteria applicability; review on individual merits
SECTION 200:10-11-4. Issuance of Insurance Commitment; rejection of application
SECTION 200:10-11-5. Approval by Oversight Commissions
Subchapter 13. Hearing Procedures
SECTION 200:10-13-1. Hearing notice
SECTION 200:10-13-2. Conduct of hearing
SECTION 200:10-13-3. Hearing Officers
SECTION 200:10-13-4. Record of hearing
Subchapter 15. Miscellaneous Provisions
SECTION 200:10-15-1. Inspection of works, books, and records
SECTION 200:10-15-2. Project modifications
SECTION 200:10-15-3. Fees related to insurance application and issuance
SECTION 200:10-15-4. Project completion, inspection and audit
SECTION 200:10-15-5. Special Fund limited obligation
SECTION 200:10-15-6. Procedure for adoption, amendment or repeal of rules


[Authority: 74 O.S., § 5063.4]
[Source: Codified 12-12-91]