SECTION 210:15-3-153. Overview for physical education [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-153.1. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-154. Physical education for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-155. Physical education for grade 1 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-156. Physical education for grade 2 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-157. Physical education for grade 3 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-158. Physical education for grade 4 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-159. Physical education for grade 5 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-160. Physical education for grades 6 and 7 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-161. Physical education for grades 8 and 9 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-162. Physical education for grades 10 through 12 [revoked]
SECTION 210:15-3-163. Physical education
SECTION 210:15-3-164. Definitions
SECTION 210:15-3-165. Standard One: Competency in a Variety of Motor Skills and Movement Patterns
SECTION 210:15-3-166. Standard Two: Knowledge of Concepts, Strategies, and Tactics Related to Movement and Performance
SECTION 210:15-3-167. Standard Three: Knowledge and Skills to Achieve and Maintain a Health-Enhancing Level of Physical Activity and Fitness
SECTION 210:15-3-168. Standard Four: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior That Respects Self and Others
SECTION 210:15-3-169. Standard Five: Value of Physical Activity for Health, Enjoyment, Challenge, Self-Expression, and Social Interaction