Chapter 10. Funeral Services Licensing

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 235:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 235:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 235:10-1-3. When Board rules are not applicable
SECTION 235:10-1-4. Request for interpretation of rules
Subchapter 3. Qualification and Requirements for Licensure
SECTION 235:10-3-1. Qualifications for licensing individuals
SECTION 235:10-3-2. Requirements for licensing funeral service establishments
SECTION 235:10-3-3. Licensing commercial embalming establishments
SECTION 235:10-3-4. Registration of individual sellers of preneed funeral service merchandise [revoked]
SECTION 235:10-3-4.1. Licensing organizations as sellers of preneed funeral service merchandise [revoked]
SECTION 235:10-3-5. Apprentice qualifications and registration
SECTION 235:10-3-6. Reciprocal license [revoked]
Subchapter 5. Licensing Fees
SECTION 235:10-5-1. License and other Board fees
SECTION 235:10-5-2. Military service exemption from payment of renewal fees
Subchapter 7. Licensure Renewal, Revocation and Suspension
SECTION 235:10-7-1. Reinstatement of licenses lapsed for non-payment
SECTION 235:10-7-2. Prohibited acts
Subchapter 9. Procedures for the Disposition of Cases
SECTION 235:10-9-1. Filing complaints
SECTION 235:10-9-2. Investigations
SECTION 235:10-9-3. Stipulation, Agreed Settlement, Consent Order, or Default
SECTION 235:10-9-4. Legal counsel
SECTION 235:10-9-5. Discussion
SECTION 235:10-9-6. Time, place, and notice of hearing
SECTION 235:10-9-7. Rules of evidence
SECTION 235:10-9-8. Presiding officer
SECTION 235:10-9-9. Conduct of hearing
SECTION 235:10-9-10. Appeal of the order
SECTION 235:10-9-11. Penalties available to the Board
Subchapter 11. Minimum Standards of Performance
SECTION 235:10-11-1. Minimum standards of performance
Subchapter 13. Continuing Education
SECTION 235:10-13-1. Definitions [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-2. Continuing education requirement [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-3. Scope of exemptions [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-4. Continuing education program approval [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-5. Verification of continuing education [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-6. Non-compliance and sanctions [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-7. Academic course or home study programs [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-8. Duties of the Board [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-9. Effective date [terminated]
SECTION 235:10-13-10. Continuing education requirements
SECTION 235:10-13-11. Continuing education program approval
SECTION 235:10-13-12. Exemptions
SECTION 235:10-13-13. Verification of Continuing Education
SECTION 235:10-13-14. Non-compliance and sanctions
Subchapter 14. Crematories
SECTION 235:10-14-1. Requirements
Subchapter 15. Advertising
SECTION 235:10-15-1. Purpose
SECTION 235:10-15-2. Qualification [revoked]
SECTION 235:10-15-3. False or misleading advertising
SECTION 235:10-15-4. Authorized advertising [revoked]
Subchapter 17. Burial Associations
SECTION 235:10-17-1. Burial associations [Reserved]
SECTION 235:10-17-2. [Reserved]
Appendix A. Certificate of Guarantee


[Authority: 59 O.S., §§ 396 through 396.33 and 75 O.S., § 302]
[Source: Codified 7-12-91]