Chapter 15. Licensure and Practice of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 245:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 245:15-1-2. Terms defined by Statute
SECTION 245:15-1-3. Definitions
SECTION 245:15-1-4. Statutory charges to the Board
SECTION 245:15-1-5. Severability clause
SECTION 245:15-1-6. Administrative Procedures Act
Subchapter 3. Application and Eligibility for Licensure
SECTION 245:15-3-1. Availability of forms and Board records
SECTION 245:15-3-2. Documents required for licensing
SECTION 245:15-3-3. Non-resident applications for original license
SECTION 245:15-3-4. Board action required
SECTION 245:15-3-5. Examination dates and locations
SECTION 245:15-3-6. Active and inactive applications
SECTION 245:15-3-7. Qualifications for original professional engineer license and engineer intern certification
SECTION 245:15-3-8. Qualifications for original land surveying license
SECTION 245:15-3-9. License by comity or endorsement for professional engineers or professional land surveyors
SECTION 245:15-3-10. Temporary License
Subchapter 5. Examinations
SECTION 245:15-5-1. Examinations required, scheduling, and postponements
SECTION 245:15-5-2. Examination notifications, deadlines and postponements [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-5-3. Examination specifications
SECTION 245:15-5-4. Taking and order of taking examinations
SECTION 245:15-5-5. Examination grading, and retention of examination results
SECTION 245:15-5-6. Re-examination [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-5-7. Transfer of examination grades
Subchapter 7. Licensure
SECTION 245:15-7-1. Certificate of Licensure
SECTION 245:15-7-2. Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew Certificate of Licensure
SECTION 245:15-7-3. Biennial licensure required
SECTION 245:15-7-4. Waived renewal fees for professional engineers and professional land surveyors over the age of 70
SECTION 245:15-7-5. Reinstatement of revoked, inactivated, or retired licenses
Subchapter 9. Rules of Professional Conduct
SECTION 245:15-9-1. Purpose; scope; applicability
SECTION 245:15-9-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-9-3. Responsibility to the public
SECTION 245:15-9-4. Areas of practice
SECTION 245:15-9-5. Public statements
SECTION 245:15-9-6. Conflict of interest
SECTION 245:15-9-7. Solicitation of work
Subchapter 11. Continuing Education
SECTION 245:15-11-1. Definitions
SECTION 245:15-11-2. Continuing education committees
SECTION 245:15-11-3. Scope and exemptions
SECTION 245:15-11-4. Requirements for Professional Engineers [Reserved]
SECTION 245:15-11-5. Requirements for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
SECTION 245:15-11-6. Criteria for continuing educational activities
SECTION 245:15-11-7. Conversion of units and determination of credits
SECTION 245:15-11-8. Comity/Out-of-Jurisdiction Resident
SECTION 245:15-11-9. Records - Audits
SECTION 245:15-11-10. Forms [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-11-11. Disallowed credit; failure to comply
SECTION 245:15-11-12. Re-licensure
SECTION 245:15-11-13. Dual Licensees
Subchapter 13. Minimum Standards for the Practice of Land Surveying
SECTION 245:15-13-1. Purpose; scope; applicability
SECTION 245:15-13-2. Minimum Standards
SECTION 245:15-13-3. Penalties
SECTION 245:15-13-4. Mortgage Inspection Report
Subchapter 15. Ethical Marketing of Services
SECTION 245:15-15-1. Purpose; scope
SECTION 245:15-15-2. Definitions
SECTION 245:15-15-3. Professional obligation in solicitation of professional employment
Subchapter 17. Licensee's Seal
SECTION 245:15-17-1. Licensee's seal
SECTION 245:15-17-2. Use of seal
Subchapter 19. Organizational Practice
SECTION 245:15-19-1. Certificate of Authorization required
SECTION 245:15-19-2. Criteria for issuance of Certificate of Authorization
SECTION 245:15-19-3. Biennial license for Certificate of Authorization
SECTION 245:15-19-4. Reinstatement of revoked Certificate of Authorization
SECTION 245:15-19-5. Compliance with laws, rules, regulations and orders
SECTION 245:15-19-6. Notification of changes in firm practice required
SECTION 245:15-19-7. Authority to use professional titles
SECTION 245:15-19-8. Firms required to file with Secretary of State; restriction on similar names
SECTION 245:15-19-9. Exceptions
Subchapter 21. Corner Perpetuation and Filing Act Requirements
SECTION 245:15-21-1. Purpose
SECTION 245:15-21-2. Recordation of corners
SECTION 245:15-21-3. Specifications for Certified Corner Records
SECTION 245:15-21-4. Remonumentation of corners
SECTION 245:15-21-5. Availability of records
SECTION 245:15-21-6. Penalties
Subchapter 23. Violations
SECTION 245:15-23-1. Prima facie evidence
SECTION 245:15-23-2. Grounds for violations and penalties - Conduct
SECTION 245:15-23-3. Additional administrative penalties for violations
SECTION 245:15-23-4. Fraud or misrepresentation
SECTION 245:15-23-5. Gross negligence
SECTION 245:15-23-6. Gross incompetence
SECTION 245:15-23-7. Misconduct or dishonest practice
SECTION 245:15-23-8. Duty to refer alleged violations to Director of Enforcement [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-23-9. Filing a complaint; forms and evidence; Formal Notice of Charges
SECTION 245:15-23-10. Resolution by settlement
SECTION 245:15-23-11. Investigation committee [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-23-12. Investigation report and recommendations [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-23-13. Investigator [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-23-14. Civil and formal proceedings [revoked]
SECTION 245:15-23-15. Hearings
SECTION 245:15-23-16. Hearing disqualification procedures
SECTION 245:15-23-17. Powers of hearing authority
SECTION 245:15-23-18. Findings of the Board and penalties
SECTION 245:15-23-19. Orders developed without a quorum
SECTION 245:15-23-20. Issuing of orders
SECTION 245:15-23-21. Final orders
SECTION 245:15-23-22. Procedures to file exceptions to proposed orders
SECTION 245:15-23-23. Rehearing, reopening or reconsideration
SECTION 245:15-23-24. Other hearings
SECTION 245:15-23-25. Emergency hearings and orders
Appendix A. Registrant's Seal


[Authority: 59 O. S., §§ 475.1 et seq.; 65 O. S., §§ 3-116 et seq.; 75 O. S., §§ 301 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 6-11-93]