Title 258. Ethics Commission  

Chapter 1. Statutory Administrative Operations [revoked]
Chapter 20. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest for County Officials and Employees [revoked]
Chapter 25. Procedure for Assessing Late Filing Fees [revoked]


Editor's Note: The Ethics Commission promulgates some rules pursuant to the statutory requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act [75 O. S., §§ 250 et seq.] and other rules pursuant to a special process established by constitution [OKLA. CONST. art 29, § 3]. The Commission's "statutory" rules are located in this Title, after having been revoked in Title 257 of the OAC. The Commission's "constitutional" rules are published in the Oklahoma Statutes, and are numbered in a similar style using 257 as the Title number [74 O.S., Ch. 62, Appendix - Title 257. Ethics Commission].