Chapter 105. State Surplus Property  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 260:105-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:105-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:105-1-3. Exemption
SECTION 260:105-1-4. Prohibitions
Subchapter 3. Declaration and Approval of Surplus Property
SECTION 260:105-3-1. Declaring state property surplus
SECTION 260:105-3-2. Declaration of surplus vehicles and equipment
SECTION 260:105-3-3. Cancellation or amendment of a surplus property transfer request
SECTION 260:105-3-4. Transport and delivery of surplus property
Subchapter 5. Sale or Disposal of Surplus Property
SECTION 260:105-5-1. Methods of disposal of surplus property
SECTION 260:105-5-2. Disposal by other than a surplus property agent
SECTION 260:105-5-3. Disposal of state property by a surplus property agent
SECTION 260:105-5-4. Processing special class surplus property
SECTION 260:105-5-5. Disposal of hazardous waste
Subchapter 7. Acquisition of Surplus Property
SECTION 260:105-7-1. Sales to related parties
SECTION 260:105-7-2. Transfer or sale to a state agency or authorized entity
SECTION 260:105-7-3. Public auction
SECTION 260:105-7-4. Return of property after purchase
SECTION 260:105-7-5. Payment provisions
SECTION 260:105-7-6. Conditions of service
SECTION 260:105-7-7. State agency reimbursement
Subchapter 9. Surplus Property Records
SECTION 260:105-9-1. Surplus property record keeping by a state agency
SECTION 260:105-9-2. Surplus property record keeping by a surplus property agent


[Authority: 62 O.S., § 34.6]
[Source: Codified 9-12-14]