Chapter 65. Construction and Properties  

Subchapter 1. Construction Contracting
SECTION 260:65-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-1-3. Bid solicitations
SECTION 260:65-1-4. Bid documents
SECTION 260:65-1-5. Bid submittal
SECTION 260:65-1-6. Modifications/withdrawal of bids
SECTION 260:65-1-7. Bid openings
SECTION 260:65-1-8. Prequalification of bidders
SECTION 260:65-1-9. Prequalification of insurance carriers, bonding companies and surety companies
SECTION 260:65-1-10. Bid review and evaluation
SECTION 260:65-1-11. Contract award
SECTION 260:65-1-12. Bid protests
SECTION 260:65-1-13. Pre-construction conference
SECTION 260:65-1-14. Construction conferences
SECTION 260:65-1-15. Payment requests
SECTION 260:65-1-16. Change orders
SECTION 260:65-1-17. Time extensions
SECTION 260:65-1-18. Substantial completion inspection
SECTION 260:65-1-19. Final inspection
SECTION 260:65-1-20. Contract completion
SECTION 260:65-1-21. Termination of unperformed contracts
SECTION 260:65-1-22. Contractor appeals process
SECTION 260:65-1-23. Consultant appeals process
SECTION 260:65-1-24. Waivers
Subchapter 3. Selection of Architects, Engineers, and Other Design Consultants
SECTION 260:65-3-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-3-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-3-3. Registration of consultants
SECTION 260:65-3-4. Selection procedure
SECTION 260:65-3-5. Consultant contracts
SECTION 260:65-3-6. 1 Screening criteria
SECTION 260:65-3-7. Interview criteria
SECTION 260:65-3-8. Waivers
Subchapter 5. Minimum Codes for State Construction
SECTION 260:65-5-1. Purpose; application
SECTION 260:65-5-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-5-3. Construction requirements; reviews and permits
SECTION 260:65-5-4. Adopted codes
SECTION 260:65-5-5. Adopted standards
SECTION 260:65-5-6. Sources for codes and standards
Subchapter 7. Procedures for Agencies to Perform Responsibilities Exercised by the Construction and Properties Department
SECTION 260:65-7-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-7-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-7-3. Requirements of law; agency responsibility
SECTION 260:65-7-4. Requesting services of consultants, architects, engineers, and land surveyors
SECTION 260:65-7-5. Request for delegation of authority to agencies
SECTION 260:65-7-6. Evaluation of requests
SECTION 260:65-7-7. Waivers
Subchapter 9. Full-Time Employment by Agencies for Minor Construction Projects
SECTION 260:65-9-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-9-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-9-3. General construction and licensing provisions; application of rules and law
SECTION 260:65-9-4. Requests to hire employees for minor construction
SECTION 260:65-9-5. Evaluation of requests
Subchapter 11. Life Cycle Costing for State Facilities
SECTION 260:65-11-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-11-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-11-3. Evaluation steps
SECTION 260:65-11-4. Results
Subchapter 15. Energy Services Contracts
SECTION 260:65-15-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-15-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-15-3. Description of the program
SECTION 260:65-15-4. Request for energy services
SECTION 260:65-15-5. Bid documents
SECTION 260:65-15-6. Energy audit
SECTION 260:65-15-7. Bid submittals
SECTION 260:65-15-8. Bid review and evaluation
SECTION 260:65-15-9. Energy service contract
SECTION 260:65-15-10. Payment of contract
SECTION 260:65-15-11. Guaranteed savings
SECTION 260:65-15-12. Change orders
SECTION 260:65-15-13. Waivers
Subchapter 17. Construction Management Procedures and Requirements
SECTION 260:65-17-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-17-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-17-3. Qualifications
SECTION 260:65-17-4. Registration
SECTION 260:65-17-5. Project designation consideration
SECTION 260:65-17-6. Project designation
SECTION 260:65-17-7. Project requisition
SECTION 260:65-17-8. Selection procedures for construction management services
SECTION 260:65-17-9. Fee negotiation and contracts
SECTION 260:65-17-10. Waivers
Subchapter 19. Design-Build Procedures and Requirements
SECTION 260:65-19-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-19-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-19-3. Design-build qualifications
SECTION 260:65-19-4. Registration
SECTION 260:65-19-5. Project designation consideration
SECTION 260:65-19-6. Project designation
SECTION 260:65-19-7. Project requisition
SECTION 260:65-19-8. Selection Procedure for design consultant for design-build
SECTION 260:65-19-9. Selection Procedures for design-build
SECTION 260:65-19-10. Proposals and contracts
SECTION 260:65-19-11. Evaluation factors
SECTION 260:65-19-12. Proposals
SECTION 260:65-19-13. Design-build contracts
SECTION 260:65-19-14. Waivers
Subchapter 21. Selection of Construction Management and Design-Build Firms
SECTION 260:65-21-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-21-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-21-3. Registration of construction management and design-build firms
SECTION 260:65-21-4. Selection procedure
SECTION 260:65-21-5. Screen criteria
SECTION 260:65-21-6. Scheduling and performing interviews
SECTION 260:65-21-7. Interview criteria
SECTION 260:65-21-8. Report to Department
SECTION 260:65-21-9. Waivers
Subchapter 23. Fees for Services
SECTION 260:65-23-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-23-2. Fees for services
SECTION 260:65-23-3. Deposits of fees
SECTION 260:65-23-4. Waivers
Subchapter 25. Pre-Construction Planning
SECTION 260:65-25-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-25-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-25-3. Project inception
SECTION 260:65-25-4. Determination of a need for pre-design services
SECTION 260:65-25-5. Pre-Design Services
SECTION 260:65-25-6. Applicability
SECTION 260:65-25-7. Waivers
Subchapter 27. Use of Best Value Competitive Proposals to Award a Contract
SECTION 260:65-27-1. Purpose
SECTION 260:65-27-2. Definitions
SECTION 260:65-27-3. Components of Best Value vendor selection and project delivery
SECTION 260:65-27-5. Selection committee
SECTION 260:65-27-7. Vendor selection
SECTION 260:65-27-9. Clarification Period
SECTION 260:65-27-11. Risk minimization and performance
SECTION 260:65-27-13. State transparency and Best Value documentation
SECTION 260:65-27-15. Post project vendor performance rating
SECTION 260:65-27-17. Other requirements for contracts awarded using Best Value methodology
SECTION 260:65-27-19. Industry Advisory Committee
SECTION 260:65-27-21. Third party oversight
SECTION 260:65-27-23. State Best Value methodology training
SECTION 260:65-27-27. Bid protests
SECTION 260:65-27-29. Waivers
Appendix A. Guidelines for Determining Consultant Fees
Appendix B. Formulas for Determining Single Present Worth, Present Worth Factor, and Present Worth Escalating Factor
Appendix C. Suggested Equipment Life
Appendix D. Evaluation of Total Life Cycle Cost


[Authority: 61 O.S., § 209]
[Source: Codified 9-12-14]