TITLE 265. State Fire Marshal Commission  

Chapter 1. Administrative Operations
Chapter 3. Individual Proceedings
Chapter 10. Smoke Detectors
Chapter 15. Protective Clothing and Breathing Apparatus [revoked]
Chapter 20. Explosives
Chapter 25. Referenced State Codes and Standards
Chapter 30. Inspection of Race Tracks
Chapter 35. Field Citations
Chapter 40. Fire Safety Standards for Cigarettes
Chapter 45. Fireworks
Chapter 50. Fire Extinguisher Industry
Chapter 55. Firefighter Training Advisory Committee


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-17, the Oklahoma Council on Firefighter Training was abolished, and "all powers, duties and responsibilities of the Oklahoma Council on Firefighter Training [were] transferred to the Office of the State Fire Marshal" [House Bill 1833 (2017), Section 2(A)]. For rules effective prior to the 7-1-17 effective date of this legislation, see Title 268 in the 2016 Edition of the OAC.