Chapter 50. Fire Extinguisher Industry  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 265:50-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 265:50-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 265:50-1-3. Adopted references
SECTION 265:50-1-3.1. Compliance with intent of Chapter
Subchapter 3. License Requirements
SECTION 265:50-3-1. General application and license requirements
SECTION 265:50-3-2. Application and license fees, period and display, and examination alternatives for prerequisites
SECTION 265:50-3-3. Portable fire extinguisher license requirements
SECTION 265:50-3-4. Pre-engineered fire suppression system license requirements
SECTION 265:50-3-5. Engineered fire suppression system license requirements
Subchapter 5. Special Provisions
SECTION 265:50-5-1. Portable fire extinguisher tagging requirements
SECTION 265:50-5-2. Pre-Engineered fire suppression system tagging requirements
SECTION 265:50-5-3. Engineered fire suppression system tagging requirements.
Subchapter 7. Enforcement
SECTION 265:50-7-1. License revocation and suspension
SECTION 265:50-7-2. Prohibited acts


Editor's Note: Effective 11-1-13, "all administrative rules promulgated the State Board of Health relating to the Fire Extinguisher Licensing Act [were] transferred to and [became] a part of the administrative rules of the State Fire Marshal Commission" [Laws 2013, c. 111, § 1(G)]. As directed, the Office of Administrative Rules transferred and renumbered the sections from Chapter 451 of the State Board of Health's rules in the Oklahoma Administrative Code [OAC 310:451] to this new Chapter 50 in the State Fire Marshal Commission's rules [OAC 265:50]. The rules "shall continue in force and effect as rules of the State Fire Marshal Commission from and after [November 1, 2013], and any amendment, repeal or addition to the transferred rules shall be under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Fire Marshal Commission" [Laws 2013, c. 111, § 1(G)].

[Authority: 59 O.S. §§ 1820.1 et seq.; Laws 2013, c. 111]
[Source: Codified 11-1-13]