Chapter 35. Lake Rules

Subchapter 1. Definitions, Purpose and Application
SECTION 300:35-1-1. Definitions
SECTION 300:35-1-2. Statutory authority
SECTION 300:35-1-3. Application of state laws
SECTION 300:35-1-4. Registration of boats
SECTION 300:35-1-5. GRDA police and compliance division
SECTION 300:35-1-6. Permitted activities
Subchapter 3. General Provisions
SECTION 300:35-3-1. Free access
SECTION 300:35-3-2. Lake elevations
SECTION 300:35-3-3. Liability
SECTION 300:35-3-4. Payment of fees
SECTION 300:35-3-5. Transfer or assignment of permit prohibited
SECTION 300:35-3-6. Cancellation/termination of permit or license [revoked]
SECTION 300:35-3-7. Rights reserved
SECTION 300:35-3-8. Roads and highways
SECTION 300:35-3-9. Fishing and hunting
SECTION 300:35-3-10. Firearms
SECTION 300:35-3-11. Gas and oil storage
SECTION 300:35-3-12. Health and sanitation
SECTION 300:35-3-13. Repeal
SECTION 300:35-3-14. Permit applications
SECTION 300:35-3-15. Penalty
Subchapter 5. Boating Safety Rules
SECTION 300:35-5-1. Careful operation of a vessel
SECTION 300:35-5-2. Towing activities
SECTION 300:35-5-3. Flotation device required
SECTION 300:35-5-4. Sitting and standing in vessel
SECTION 300:35-5-5. Required equipment
SECTION 300:35-5-6. Prohibited areas
SECTION 300:35-5-7. Night speed limit
SECTION 300:35-5-8. Skiing prohibited
SECTION 300:35-5-9. Persons on personal watercraft
SECTION 300:35-5-10. Persons using Water Jet Pack Units
SECTION 300:35-5-11. Persons using Paddleboards, canoes and kayaks
Subchapter 7. Vessels
SECTION 300:35-7-1. Inspection, registration and certificate of safety
SECTION 300:35-7-2. Loose and derelict vessels
SECTION 300:35-7-3. Anchorages
SECTION 300:35-7-4. Vessel operating distance
SECTION 300:35-7-5. Water muffling
SECTION 300:35-7-6. Noise abatement
SECTION 300:35-7-7. Wake damage
SECTION 300:35-7-8. Minimum age
SECTION 300:35-7-9. Hazardous acts
SECTION 300:35-7-10. W.R. Holway reservoir
SECTION 300:35-7-11. Penalties
SECTION 300:35-7-12. Duck Creek, Woodard Hollow, and Courthouse Hollow boating rules
Subchapter 9. Sanctioned Events
SECTION 300:35-9-1. Sanctioned event definition
SECTION 300:35-9-2. Permit required
SECTION 300:35-9-3. Public and environmental safety
Subchapter 11. Permits for Wharves, Landings, Buoys, Breakwaters and Docking Facilities
SECTION 300:35-11-1. Private use
SECTION 300:35-11-2. Commercial use
SECTION 300:35-11-3. Waivers
SECTION 300:35-11-4. Electrical inspections
SECTION 300:35-11-5. Breakwaters
SECTION 300:35-11-6. Buoys
SECTION 300:35-11-7. Rail-systems, tram systems, and boat ramps
SECTION 300:35-11-8. Removal and cancellation for failure to comply
SECTION 300:35-11-9. Location and site to be returned in good condition
SECTION 300:35-11-10. GRDA sole judge
SECTION 300:35-11-11. Expiration of permit
SECTION 300:35-11-12. Dock modification prohibited
SECTION 300:35-11-13. One-third cove rule for private and commercial docks
Subchapter 13. Permits for Dikes, Excavations, Dredgings, Erosion Control Devices, Retaining Walls, and Shoreline Stabilization
SECTION 300:35-13-1. Permit required
SECTION 300:35-13-2. Erosion control devices
SECTION 300:35-13-3. Dredging
SECTION 300:35-13-4. Shoreline stabilization and retaining walls
SECTION 300:35-13-5. Penalty [revoked]
SECTION 300:35-13-6. Expiration of permit
Subchapter 15. Commercial Use of the Lakes and Lands of GRDA
SECTION 300:35-15-1. Definition
SECTION 300:35-15-2. Dock installer's permit
SECTION 300:35-15-3. Penalty for violation of dock installer's permit [revoked]
SECTION 300:35-15-4. Dredging contractor's permit
SECTION 300:35-15-5. Penalty for violation of dredging contractor's permit [revoked]
SECTION 300:35-15-6. Commercial boat operators permit
SECTION 300:35-15-7. Penalty for violation of commercial boat operators permit [revoked]
Subchapter 17. Raw Water Permits
SECTION 300:35-17-1. Definition
SECTION 300:35-17-2. Permit required
SECTION 300:35-17-3. Irrigation billing [revoked]
SECTION 300:35-17-4. Location of diversion
SECTION 300:35-17-5. Construction and maintenance
Subchapter 19. Rights of Abutting Landowners
SECTION 300:35-19-1. Abutting landowner's rights
Subchapter 21. Administration of Rules and Hearings
SECTION 300:35-21-1. General manager duties
SECTION 300:35-21-2. GRDA Board of Directors duties
SECTION 300:35-21-3. Hearings for violation of rules
SECTION 300:35-21-4. Hearing officer
SECTION 300:35-21-5. Report and record
SECTION 300:35-21-6. Final order
SECTION 300:35-21-7. Administrative appeal
SECTION 300:35-21-8. Noncompliance, violations and penalties
Subchapter 23. Four-Wheel Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles
SECTION 300:35-23-1. Designated areas
SECTION 300:35-23-2. Passengers prohibited
SECTION 300:35-23-3. Low gear required
SECTION 300:35-23-4. Racing prohibited
SECTION 300:35-23-5. Lights required
SECTION 300:35-23-6. Roll bar, helmet, and seat belt requirements
SECTION 300:35-23-7. No liability
SECTION 300:35-23-8. Alcoholic beverages prohibited
SECTION 300:35-23-9. Signage
SECTION 300:35-23-10. Penalty
Subchapter 25. [Reserved]
Subchapter 27. Vegetation Management Plan
SECTION 300:35-27-1. Scope and intent
SECTION 300:35-27-2. Applicability
SECTION 300:35-27-3. Permits
SECTION 300:35-27-4. Vegetation management
SECTION 300:35-27-5. Waivers
SECTION 300:35-27-6. FERC approval
SECTION 300:35-27-7. Penalties
SECTION 300:35-27-8. General permits for natural disasters and other emergencies
Subchapter 29. Shoreline Management Plans
SECTION 300:35-29-1. Enforcement of the Shoreline Management Plan


[Authority: 82 O.S., § 861 et seq., § 862, 863.2, and § 875]
[Source: Codified 5-25-06]