Title 310. Oklahoma State Department of Health  

Chapter 1. Procedures of the Oklahoma State Board of Health
Chapter 2. Procedures of the State Department of Health
Chapter 3. Procedures of Air Quality Council [revoked]
Chapter 4. Certificate of Need Hearings
Chapter 5. Controlled Industrial Waste Management Council Procedures [revoked]
Chapter 6. Electrical Hearing Board Procedures [revoked]
Chapter 7. Plumbing Hearing Board Procedures [revoked]
Chapter 8. Rules of Practice for Advisory Groups Special Health Services
Chapter 9. Health Care Information
Chapter 10. Human Subjects Protection
Chapter 15. Clinical Trials on the Use of Cannabidiol
Chapter 96. Oklahoma Advance Directive Registry
Chapter 99. Secondhand Tobacco Smoke [Expired]
Chapter 100. Licensure of Crematories [revoked]
Chapter 105. Vital Statistics
Chapter 110. Fee and Fine Schedule for Occupational Licensing
Chapter 200. Air Pollution Control [revoked]
Chapter 205. Alarm and Locksmith Industry
Chapter 210. Barber [Transferred]
Chapter 215. Bedding Regulations
Chapter 220. Bunk Bed Rules
Chapter 225. Bottled Drinking Water Regulations
Chapter 233. Body Piercing and Tattooing
Chapter 234. Medical Micropigmentation
Chapter 235. Dairy Waste Management Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 240. Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics Regulations
Chapter 245. Electrical Industry Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 247. Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 250. Fee Schedule for Consumer Health Services
Chapter 255. Food Service Establishment Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 256. Food Service Establishments [revoked]
Chapter 257. Food Establishments
Chapter 260. Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations
Chapter 265. Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters
Chapter 270. Hazardous Waste Management Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 275. Inspector Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 276. Home Inspection Industry [revoked]
Chapter 280. Radiation Protection Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 281. Diagnostic X-Ray Systems
Chapter 282. Laboratory Certification Standards [revoked]
Chapter 285. Lodging Establishments
Chapter 290. Mechanical Industry Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 295. Milk and Milk Product Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 300. Non-Hazardous Waste Injection Wells [revoked]
Chapter 310. Plumbing Industry Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 315. Public Bathing Place Facility Standards
Chapter 320. Public Bathing Place Operations
Chapter 325. Public Water Supply Facility Standards [revoked]
Chapter 330. Public Water Supply [revoked]
Chapter 335. Reservoir Sanitation [revoked]
Chapter 340. Residential Sewage Disposal [revoked]
Chapter 345. Registration of Sanitarians and Environmental Specialists
Chapter 350. Septic Tank Cleaner Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 355. Smoking in Public Places And Indoor Workplaces
Chapter 360. Solid Waste Management Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 365. State Revolving Fund Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 370. Water and Sewage Works Operators Certification [revoked]
Chapter 375. Water and Wastewater Permit Exemption Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 380. Water Pollution Control Facility Standards [revoked]
Chapter 385. Water Pollution Control [revoked]
Chapter 390. Water Vending Machine Regulations
Chapter 400. Licensed Marital and Family Therapists [Transferred]
Chapter 403. Licensed Behavioral Practitioners [Transferred]
Chapter 405. Licensed Professional Counselors [Transferred]
Chapter 406. Licensed Genetic Counselors
Chapter 410. WIC
Chapter 451. Fire Extinguisher Industry [Transferred]
Chapter 505. Anatomical Gifts
Chapter 510. Care of Eyes for Newborn Children [revoked]
Chapter 512. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Rules
Chapter 515. Communicable Disease and Injury Reporting
Chapter 520. Communicable Diseases in Schools Regulations
Chapter 521. Control and Treatment of Communicable Disease
Chapter 525. Direct Services to Individuals
Chapter 526. Dental Services
Chapter 527. Alternatives-to-Abortion Services
Chapter 528. Children First Eligibility Requirements
Chapter 529. Multidisciplinary Teams for Child Protection
Chapter 530. Family Planning Centers
Chapter 531. Vision Screening
Chapter 535. Immunization Regulations
Chapter 540. Infant Hearing Screening
Chapter 545. Laboratory Regulations for Syphilis Blood Tests
Chapter 546. Fee Schedule for Public Health Laboratory Service
Chapter 550. Newborn Screening Program
Chapter 551. Advancement in Stem Cell Cures and Therapies Act
Chapter 555. Notification of Communicable Disease Risk Exposure
Chapter 560. Rabies Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 564. Sex Crimes Victims and Suspects
Chapter 565. Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Regulations
Chapter 566. Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection and Treatment
Chapter 567. State Central Cancer Registry
Chapter 570. Trauma Facility Rules [revoked]
Chapter 590. Diabetes Supplies, Equipment, and Education Covered by Insurance
Chapter 599. Zoonotic Disease Control
Chapter 600. Abortion Facility Regulations
Chapter 605. Adult Day Care Centers
Chapter 610. Alcoholism Treatment Centers Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 615. Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Chapter 616. Birthing Centers Regulations
Chapter 620. Certificate of Need Standards for Health Care Facility Acquisitions
Chapter 625. Certificate of Need Standards for ICF/MR
Chapter 630. Certificate of Need Standards for Licensed Nursing Facility Beds
Chapter 635. Certificate of Need Standards for Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Service Beds
Chapter 638. Drug and Alcohol Testing
Chapter 640. Emergency Medical Service Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 641. Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 642. Emergency Response Systems Stabilization and Improvement Revolving Fund
Chapter 645. Emergency Service District Supplemental Regulations
Chapter 650. Group Home Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 655. Health Maintenance Organizations and Prepaid Health Plans [revoked]
Chapter 656. Managed Care and Utilization Review [revoked]
Chapter 657. Certified Workplace Medical Plans
Chapter 658. Independent Review Organization Certification Rules [revoked]
Chapter 659. Health Maintenance Organizations
Chapter 660. HIV Laboratory Testing Regulations [revoked]
Chapter 661. Hospice
Chapter 662. Home Care Agencies
Chapter 663. Continuum of Care and Assisted Living
Chapter 664. Home Care Administrator Certification
Chapter 665. Hospital Standards [revoked]
Chapter 667. Hospital Standards
Chapter 668. Uncompensated Care Fund [revoked]
Chapter 669. Trauma Care Assistance Revolving Fund
Chapter 670. Jail Standards
Chapter 673. Alzheimer's Disease Special Care Disclosure Rules
Chapter 675. Nursing and Specialized Facilities
Chapter 677. Nurse Aide Training and Certification
Chapter 680. Residential Care Homes


Editor's Note: Effective 1-1-02, "all powers, duties, responsibilities, . . . of the State Board of Health, the State Department of Health, and the State Commissioner of Health relating exclusively to the regulation of the plumbing, electrical and mechanical trades, and building and construction inspectors [were] placed under the authority of the Construction Industries Board [59 O.S., § 1000.4(C)]." "In addition to rules promulgated by the Construction Industries Board, rules promulgated by the State Board of Health prior to January 1, 2002 shall be the rules of the Construction Industries Board and shall continue in effect until such rules are amended or repealed by rules promulgated by the Construction Industries Board." [59 O.S., § 1000.4(A)(3)] The Construction Industries Board promulgated emergency rules effective 1-22-02 (Chapters 10, 30, 40, 50, and 60) and 2-1-02 (Chapter 1), and superseded the emergency rules with permanent rules effective 5-28-02.•For additional information about this transfer of rulemaking authority, see 59 O.S., §§ 1000.1 et seq.•For emergency rules promulgated by the Construction Industries Board on 1-22-02 and 2-1-02, see 19 Ok Reg 719, 721, 726, 732, 738, and 1243.•For permanent rules promulgated by the Construction Industries Board, see OAC 158.•For related rules of the Oklahoma State Department of Health promulgated prior to 1-1-02, see Title 310, Chapters 6, 7, 110, 245, 275, 290, and 310 in the 2001 OAC Edition and emergency amendments to 310:290 published at 18 Ok Reg 3591.

Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-93, some programs and functions of the Oklahoma State Department of Health were transferred to the newly-created Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Rules "relating to such programs and functions transferred … remain [ed] in effect until the promulgation of rules by the [DEQ]" [Laws 1993, c. 145, § 8]. For additional information on this transfer, see Laws 1993, c. 145 and Laws 1992, c. 398.