Chapter 10. Oklahoma Art in Public Places Division  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 320:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 320:10-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. General Course and Method of Operating
SECTION 320:10-3-1. Division office
SECTION 320:10-3-2. Division office hours
SECTION 320:10-3-3. Communications with the Art in Public Places Division
SECTION 320:10-3-4. Meetings/quorum of the Art in Public Places Division
SECTION 320:10-3-5. Art in Public Places Guidelines
SECTION 320:10-3-6. Availability of Division records, guidelines and policies
SECTION 320:10-3-7. Copies of official records
SECTION 320:10-3-8. Officers of the Division
SECTION 320:10-3-9. Oversight Committee
SECTION 320:10-3-10. Powers and duties of the Oversight Committee
SECTION 320:10-3-11. Conflict of interest of Oversight Committee
SECTION 320:10-3-12. Resignation of Oversight Committee members
SECTION 320:10-3-13. Director
SECTION 320:10-3-14. Eligible projects
SECTION 320:10-3-15. Excluded projects
SECTION 320:10-3-16. Appeal procedure
SECTION 320:10-3-17. Project agency/duties
SECTION 320:10-3-18. Public notification of calls for entries
SECTION 320:10-3-19. Materials submitted to the Division become property of the State of Oklahoma
SECTION 320:10-3-20. Artwork becomes the property of the State of Oklahoma
SECTION 320:10-3-21. Prohibition of statements on behalf of the Site Committees or Art in Public Places Oversight Committee
Subchapter 5. Site Committees
SECTION 320:10-5-1. Establishment of site committees
SECTION 320:10-5-2. Duties
SECTION 320:10-5-3. Composition of committee
SECTION 320:10-5-4. Conflict of interest
SECTION 320:10-5-5. Quorum
SECTION 320:10-5-6. Length of service
SECTION 320:10-5-7. Resignation
Subchapter 7. Financial Provisions
SECTION 320:10-7-1. Funding by state agencies
SECTION 320:10-7-2. Basis of allocation computation
SECTION 320:10-7-3. Maximum assessment
SECTION 320:10-7-4. Allocations to Commissioning of Art in Public Places Revolving Fund
SECTION 320:10-7-5. Art in Public Places Administrative and Maintenance Revolving Fund
SECTION 320:10-7-6. Monies donated from private sources
SECTION 320:10-7-7. Authority to make expenditures
SECTION 320:10-7-8. Monies for commissioning of art not spent
SECTION 320:10-7-9. Transfer of funds in excess of one million dollars
SECTION 320:10-7-10. Exclusion from the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act
Subchapter 9. Management of the Collection
SECTION 320:10-9-1. Management and care of the collection
SECTION 320:10-9-2. Maintenance and conservation procedures
SECTION 320:10-9-3. Process for deaccessioning or relocating a work of art


Editor's Note: Effective 7-1-15, as set forth in House Bill 1824 (2015), "all administrative rules promulgated by the Oklahoma Historical Society relating to the implementation and administration of the Oklahoma Art in Public Places Act shall be enforceable by the Oklahoma Arts Council. The rules shall continue in force and effect after [7-1-15], and the Oklahoma Arts Council shall have the authority to amend, repeal, recodify or make addition to the rules" [HB 1824, § 1(F)]. Therefore, as of 7-1-15, the rules of the Historical Society in this Chapter 10 as last published in the 2011 Edition of the OAC) are considered to be rules of the Oklahoma Arts Council [OAC 70].

[Authority: 63 O.S., §§1-561 et seq.]
[Source: Codified 6-25-07]