Chapter 10. Racing Organization  

SECTION 325:10-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:10-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 325:10-1-3. Allocation of Racing Dates
SECTION 325:10-1-4. Intent of Commission
SECTION 325:10-1-5. Economic standard
SECTION 325:10-1-6. Duty of licensed organization
SECTION 325:10-1-7. Conditions of a race meeting
SECTION 325:10-1-8. Right of Commission to information
SECTION 325:10-1-9. Duty to compile official program
SECTION 325:10-1-10. Duty to maintain racing records
SECTION 325:10-1-11. Horsemen's Bookkeeper
SECTION 325:10-1-12. Accounting practices and responsibility
SECTION 325:10-1-13. Totalizator and pari-mutuel equipment
SECTION 325:10-1-14. Electronic photo finish device
SECTION 325:10-1-15. Videotape recording of races
SECTION 325:10-1-16. Identification of photo finish photographs and videotape recordings
SECTION 325:10-1-17. Altering official photographs or recordings
SECTION 325:10-1-18. Preservation of official photographs and recordings
SECTION 325:10-1-19. Viewing room required
SECTION 325:10-1-20. Feed and supplies
SECTION 325:10-1-21. Space and accommodations for the Commission and the Oklahoma Tax Commission
SECTION 325:10-1-22. Duty to receive complaints
SECTION 325:10-1-23. Bulletin boards required
SECTION 325:10-1-24. Communication systems required
SECTION 325:10-1-25. Ambulance service
SECTION 325:10-1-26. Emergency medical facilities
SECTION 325:10-1-27. Safety of racecourse and premises
SECTION 325:10-1-28. Starting point markers and distance poles
SECTION 325:10-1-29. Grade and distance survey
SECTION 325:10-1-30. Minimum standards for pari-mutuel racing facility
SECTION 325:10-1-31. Organization as the insurer of the race meeting
SECTION 325:10-1-32. Procedure to establish horsemen's purses at Fair Race Meetings [revoked]
SECTION 325:10-1-33. Horsemen's Purses


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]