Chapter 15. Licensing  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 325:15-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:15-1-2. Definitions
Subchapter 3. Organizational Licensing
SECTION 325:15-3-1. Time for filing major organization applications
SECTION 325:15-3-2. Application for license and days to conduct a horse race meeting
SECTION 325:15-3-3. Commission may demand information
SECTION 325:15-3-4. Application for organization license
SECTION 325:15-3-5. List of shareholders
SECTION 325:15-3-6. Denial of license
SECTION 325:15-3-7. Organization bond requirement
Subchapter 5. Occupation Licensing
SECTION 325:15-5-1. Occupation licenses
SECTION 325:15-5-2. Application for license
SECTION 325:15-5-3. Employment of Unlicensed Person
SECTION 325:15-5-4. Notice of employment termination
SECTION 325:15-5-5. License identification badge requirements
SECTION 325:15-5-6. License subject to conditions and agreements
SECTION 325:15-5-7. Knowledge of rules
SECTION 325:15-5-8. Certain prohibited licenses
SECTION 325:15-5-9. Application information changes
SECTION 325:15-5-10. Grounds for denial, refusal, suspension or revocation of license
SECTION 325:15-5-11. Refusal without prejudice
SECTION 325:15-5-12. Hearing after denial of license
SECTION 325:15-5-13. Financial responsibility of applicants
SECTION 325:15-5-14. Examinations
SECTION 325:15-5-15. Physical examination
SECTION 325:15-5-16. Age, weight, and experience qualifications for Jockey
SECTION 325:15-5-17. Qualifications for Apprentice Jockey
SECTION 325:15-5-18. Jockey Agent
SECTION 325:15-5-19. Workers' Compensation Act compliance
SECTION 325:15-5-20. Program Trainer Prohibited
SECTION 325:15-5-21. Licensing required prior to entry or scratch time
SECTION 325:15-5-22. Qualifications for license as horse owner
SECTION 325:15-5-23. Horse ownership by lease
SECTION 325:15-5-24. Horse ownership by corporation, partnership, syndicate, or other association or entity
SECTION 325:15-5-25. Statements of corporation, partnership, syndicate or other association or entity
SECTION 325:15-5-26. Stable name registration
SECTION 325:15-5-27. Honoring official credentials


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]