Chapter 25. Entries and Declarations  

SECTION 325:25-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:25-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 325:25-1-3. Control over entries and declarations
SECTION 325:25-1-4. Racing Secretary to establish conditions
SECTION 325:25-1-5. Entries
SECTION 325:25-1-6. Determining eligibility
SECTION 325:25-1-7. Penalties and allowances
SECTION 325:25-1-8. Sex allowance
SECTION 325:25-1-9. Entries survive with transfer
SECTION 325:25-1-10. Horses ineligible to start in a race
SECTION 325:25-1-10o2. Horses ineligible to start in a race
SECTION 325:25-1-11. Age restrictions
SECTION 325:25-1-12. Horses ineligible to enter or start
SECTION 325:25-1-13. Registration Certificate to reflect correct ownership
SECTION 325:25-1-14. Alteration or forgery of Certificate of Registration
SECTION 325:25-1-15. Transfer after sale of a horse within the enclosure
SECTION 325:25-1-16. Declarations and scratches
SECTION 325:25-1-17. Coupling of Entries
SECTION 325:25-1-18. List of horses within the enclosure
SECTION 325:25-1-19. Deadline for arrival of entered horses
SECTION 325:25-1-20. Change of name of horse
SECTION 325:25-1-21. Refund of Fees
SECTION 325:25-1-22. Release of Certificates
SECTION 325:25-1-23. Nomination payment races
SECTION 325:25-1-24. Late scratch in an overnight race
SECTION 325:25-1-25. Scratch in stakes and nomination races
SECTION 325:25-1-26. Limitations on field and number of races
SECTION 325:25-1-27. Agreement upon entry
SECTION 325:25-1-28. Selection of Entered Horses
SECTION 325:25-1-29. Preferred list of horses
SECTION 325:25-1-30. Jockey mount fees
SECTION 325:25-1-30.1. Naming/engaging of riders
SECTION 325:25-1-31. Double registered horses
SECTION 325:25-1-32. Coggins Test


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]