Chapter 35. General Conduct  

SECTION 325:35-1-1. Purpose
SECTION 325:35-1-2. Definitions
SECTION 325:35-1-3. Conditions of meeting binding upon licensees
SECTION 325:35-1-4. Horsemen's Representative Organizations and Agreements [RENUMBERED TO 325:35-1-33] [Renumbered]
SECTION 325:35-1-5. Trainer responsibility
SECTION 325:35-1-6. Altering sex of horse
SECTION 325:35-1-7. Official workouts and schooling races
SECTION 325:35-1-8. Intoxication
SECTION 325:35-1-9. Firearms
SECTION 325:35-1-10. Financial responsibility
SECTION 325:35-1-10.1. Filing and processing of financial responsibility complaints
SECTION 325:35-1-11. Checks
SECTION 325:35-1-12. Gratuity to Starter or Assistant Starter prohibited
SECTION 325:35-1-13. Possession of contraband
SECTION 325:35-1-14. Bribes prohibited
SECTION 325:35-1-15. Trainer's duty to ensure licensed participation
SECTION 325:35-1-16. Conduct detrimental to horse racing
SECTION 325:35-1-17. Illegal or improper communications equipment or devices [revoked]
SECTION 325:35-1-18. Communicating results of races [revoked]
SECTION 325:35-1-19. Denial of access to private property
SECTION 325:35-1-20. Qualifications for participation at race meeting
SECTION 325:35-1-21. Tricks/schemes prohibited
SECTION 325:35-1-22. Prearranging the outcome of a race prohibited
SECTION 325:35-1-23. Compliance with orders of Racing Officials and Commission representatives
SECTION 325:35-1-24. Persons prohibited from wagering and being present in the enclosure
SECTION 325:35-1-25. Duty of organization to exclude or eject prohibited persons
SECTION 325:35-1-26. Disorderly persons
SECTION 325:35-1-27. Notice of exclusion or ejection
SECTION 325:35-1-28. Determination of rehabilitation
SECTION 325:35-1-29. Denial of access by organization licensee
SECTION 325:35-1-30. Jockey wagering
SECTION 325:35-1-31. Fighting
SECTION 325:35-1-32. Theft
SECTION 325:35-1-33. Horsemen's Representative Organizations and Agreements
SECTION 325:35-1-34. Election of horsemen's representative organizations and agreements
SECTION 325:35-1-35. Agreements to be binding on members
SECTION 325:35-1-36. Agreements to be binding on Organization Licensee
SECTION 325:35-1-37. Agreements to be filed
SECTION 325:35-1-38. Prohibited provisions of horsemen's agreements


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]