Chapter 65. Pari-Mutuel Wagering  

Subchapter 1. General Provisions
SECTION 325:65-1-1. Purpose [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-2. Definitions [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-3. Pari-mutuel wagering [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-4. Pari-mutuel tickets [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-5. Claim for payment from pari-mutuel pool [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-6. Lost or destroyed tickets [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-7. Pari-mutuel pools [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-8. Distribution of pools [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-9. Race declared official [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-10. Win pool [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-11. Place pool [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-12. Show pool [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-13. Daily Double [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-14. Quinella [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-15. Exacta [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-16. Pick Six [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-17. Payoff on minus pool [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-18. Errors in posted payoff [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-19. Payment for errors [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-20. Emergency in pari-mutuel department [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-21. Cooperation of pari-mutuel department [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-22. Acceptance of wagers from outside the enclosure [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-23. Probable odds or morning line [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-24. Closing of wagering in a race [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-25. Wagering by minors prohibited [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-26. Wagering prohibited [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-27. Furnishing racing selection [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-28. Racing selection services [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-29. Dead heat [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-30. Wagering interest [revoked]
SECTION 325:65-1-31. Purpose
SECTION 325:65-1-31.1. Definitions
SECTION 325:65-1-32. General compliance with laws and rules; approval by Commission
SECTION 325:65-1-33. Records
SECTION 325:65-1-34. Pari-Mutuel tickets; validity
SECTION 325:65-1-35. Pari-mutuel ticket sales; payments and claims; purchasing restrictions
SECTION 325:65-1-36. Advance performance wagering
SECTION 325:65-1-37. Claims for payment from pari-mutuel pool
SECTION 325:65-1-38. Payment for errors
SECTION 325:65-1-39. Betting explanation
SECTION 325:65-1-40. Display of betting information
SECTION 325:65-1-41. Canceled contests
SECTION 325:65-1-42. Refunds
SECTION 325:65-1-43. Coupled entries and mutuel fields
SECTION 325:65-1-44. Pools dependent upon betting interests
SECTION 325:65-1-45. Prior approval required for betting pools
SECTION 325:65-1-46. Closing of wagering in a contest
SECTION 325:65-1-47. Complaints pertaining to pari-mutuel operations
SECTION 325:65-1-48. Licensees' responsibility to report irregularities
SECTION 325:65-1-49. Unrestricted access
SECTION 325:65-1-50. Emergency situations
SECTION 325:65-1-51. Racing predictions/selections
Subchapter 3. Account Wagering
SECTION 325:65-3-1. General account wagering requirements
SECTION 325:65-3-2. Account opening
SECTION 325:65-3-3. Refusals
SECTION 325:65-3-4. Patron information
SECTION 325:65-3-5. Deposits
SECTION 325:65-3-6. Sufficient account balance
SECTION 325:65-3-7. Account credits
SECTION 325:65-3-8. Account operation
SECTION 325:65-3-9. Account closure
Subchapter 5. Simulcast Wagering
SECTION 325:65-5-1. Duties of simulcast host
SECTION 325:65-5-2. Duties of authorized receiver
Subchapter 7. Interjurisdiction Common Pool Wagering
SECTION 325:65-7-1. General approval of contracts, bet types, and display of information
SECTION 325:65-7-2. Guest jurisdiction participation in interjurisdiction common pools
SECTION 325:65-7-3. Host jurisdiction participation in merged pools
SECTION 325:65-7-4. Takeout rates in interjurisdiction common pools
Subchapter 9. Calculation of Payoffs and Distribution of Pools
SECTION 325:65-9-1. General-separate pools, standard price or net price calculation required; profit split
SECTION 325:65-9-2. Win pools
SECTION 325:65-9-3. Place pools
SECTION 325:65-9-4. Show Pools
SECTION 325:65-9-5. Double Pools
SECTION 325:65-9-6. Win Three pools
SECTION 325:65-9-7. Pick (n) Pools
SECTION 325:65-9-8. Place Pick (n) Pools
SECTION 325:65-9-9. Quinella pools
SECTION 325:65-9-10. Quinella Double pools
SECTION 325:65-9-10.1. Show Quinella pools
SECTION 325:65-9-11. Exacta pools
SECTION 325:65-9-12. Trifecta pools
SECTION 325:65-9-13. Superfecta pools
SECTION 325:65-9-14. Twin Quinella pools
SECTION 325:65-9-15. Twin Tifecta pools
SECTION 325:65-9-16. Tri-Superfecta pools
SECTION 325:65-9-17. Twin Superfecta pools
SECTION 325:65-9-18. Exacta (n) pools


[Authority: 3A O.S., § 204(A)]
[Source: Codified 12-31-91]